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You will find us at Science Park 2,  1st  floor.

You will find us in Science Park 2, 1st floor. ...  more of Map of Campus (Titel)

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Single- and Twin Screw Extrusion

  • Screw and barrel design: development and optimization of plasticizing units with smoothed and grooved feeding as well as high speed extrusion
  • Melt quality detection and process measurement technologies like extrusion rheometry, elongational rheometry, dynamic rheometry, optical coherence tomography (OCT), ultrasound, fluorescence spectrometry, colour sensor technology
  • Computational and experimental modelling and simulation of polymer plastification processes with analytical methods, finite element/volume/difference methods, discrete element methods (particle simulations) using commercial or Open Source software
Single- and Twin Screw Extrusion

Extrusion Technologies

  • Pipe, profile, film and sheet technologies and die forming
  • Material orientation and stretch shaping for raffia, filament and film
  • Thermoplastic pultrusion for light weight constructions
  • Polymeric hybrid processes and structures
  • Mechatronic machines and production systems
  • Interaction of machinery, material, process and product
  • Energy efficiency and thermal engineering, process and product technology for building engineering with polymeric materials
Extrusion Technologies

Compounding and Recycling

  • Process and material development
  • Direct compounding
  • Plastic recycling systems
  • Mineral reinforced compounds and blends, thermosets, powder coatings, bioplastics, masterbatches
  • Mixing, melting, plasticizing, homogenizing, venting, pelletizing
  • Reactive polymer processing
Compounding and Recycling