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A Cutting Edge Program

Well educated engineers and scientists are in increasing demand to meet the challenges of industry and business head-on in the area of Polymer Engineering Technologies. The JKU is responding to the demand by creating a program designed to educate specialists and create experts in new high-tech branches of the future.

The Subject Area

Polymer Engineering Technologies focuses on the research and application of the physical, chemical and engineering properties of plastics. The goal is to develop certain plastics that will be needed for further use or production. In order to compete internationally, the plastics industry requires well-educated polymer engineers familiar with cutting edge technology, the construction of plastic components, and polymer processing procedures. The program is embedded in the framework of Polymer Engineering Technologies studies at JKU and has been designed to keep pace with the diverse demands of various occupational areas in plastics.

The Academic Degree Program

Disciplines in polymer engineering, polymer chemistry, mechanical engineering and mechatronics are the corner stones that make up this new program of study in plastics engineering. Hands-on education enables students to become more involved with domestic and internationally active companies during their studies. In addition to a strong focus on plastics, courses combining content in science and engineering will be offered. These combination courses are very sought-after. Modern engineering equipment available at new institutes plus an innovative curriculum create a cutting edge degree program.

Career Prospects

Graduates of Polymer Engineering Technologies are in high demand and career prospects are excellent. Graduates are involved in areas that include the development and manufacturing of new plastic products and substances, such as the construction of new innovative plastic-manufacturing equipment. Career opportunities include research and development, application technology, manufacturing, management positions, civil engineering, packaging, and the aerospace industry as well as in the sporting goods, automotive and electrical industry.