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Master of Science (MSc) degrees in "Management in Polymer Technologies (MPT)"


MENDEZ ROSSAL, Hector Rolando:
"Conductive inks on primer coated surfaces - structure/property correlations"


Image: Prof. Wallner; DI Mendez Rossal; Prof. Major; Prof. Steinbichler (f.l.t.r.)


AKHRAS, Mohamad Hassan:
"Fatigue crack growth resistance of polypropylene and glass fiber reinforced polyamides in chlorinated water with varying clorine content"


Image: Prof. Wallner; Prof. Major; DI Akhras; Prof. Steinbichler (f.l.t.r.)


GROß, Christoph:
"Entwicklung eines Schnelltests zur Charakterisierung der Photoaktivität von TiO2 beschichteten Perlglanzpigmenten in Kunststoffanwendungen"


Image: Prof. Steinbichler; Prof. Wallner; DI Groß; Prof. Lang (f.l.t.r.)


HETTIARACHCHIGE DON, Hirantha Gunathillake:
"Characterization of COC-films for Content Loading Chips"


Image: Prof. Wallner, DI Hettiarachchige Don, Prof. Lang, Prof. Fischlmayr (f.l.t.r.))