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Upcoming Bachelor's and Master's Thesis presentations

Upcoming presentations at IPMT

Wednesday, 7th March, 2018, S2 046, 14:00 p. m.

Master's Theses:

"Influence of the blend ratio on the properties of toughened polyproylenes" (MPT)

Alexander TRIER, BSc:
"Fiber orientation dependent mechanical properties of carbon fiber reinforced polypropylenes" (PTS)

Obligatory attendance

Project Seminar: 4 times (3 times listening to presentations, 1 time presenting)
Master's Thesis Seminar: 6 times (5 times listening to presentations, 1 time presenting)

For one meeting there is usually more than one presentation. It is either way counted as one time being present. The attendance can be fulfilled at any of the four institutes; also you can visit both - Bachelor's and/or Master's Thesis Presentations (PTS as well as MPT).

The own presentation has to be held at the institute advising the Master's Thesis and where you have enrolled the course "Master's Thesis Seminar".

Directives for submitting theses to the supervisors at the IPMT