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Bachelor's Degree in Polymer Engineering and Technologies

If you are interested in studying Bachelor's Degree in Polymer Engineering and Technologies, our homepage (German) provides comprehensive information on academic degree programs in Polymer Engineering Technologies at the JKU. For further information about the study process please visit Studying at JKU.

Below you can find some selected information for your studies.


Credit Transfer for HTL graduates

Credit Transfer

Questions regarding credit transfer and examination recognition that have not been addressed in the equivalency chart must be sent in advance by using the form (Download below) to the responsible faculty expert in Polymer Engineering Technologies for review.

Subsequently, students must submit an application form (including all relevant grade reports and transcripts in the original with an official signature or stamp) to the Department of Examination and Recognition Services for approval.

Further information about the next steps you can find here.

Preparation Courses for First-Semester Students / Engineering & Natural Sciences, Business Informatics and Statistics

Preparation courses serve to briefly review and recapitulate material from higher level secondary school as well as prepare students for introductory lectures at the university.
Newly enrolled students who have no programming experience will learn more about basic concepts in order to successfully participate in required programming courses.

These courses are optional. Prior academic knowledge tends to differ and preparatory classes are designed particularly for newly enrolled students who wish to close gaps in some subject areas or for older students who have been out of school longer. Aside from the intensive mathematics course, students cannot earn ECTS credits for preparatory classes.
Those who sign up for preparatory classes must be officially enrolled at the JKU. After official admission to your degree program, please register for preparatory classes via KUSSS (Kepler University Study Support System). Preparatory classes are free of charge.

For more information about JKU's upcoming preparation courses please click on the following link:

Administration and Planning

Günter Sageder, email: guenter.sageder(/\t)

Bachelor's Thesis

The subject Bachelor's Thesis covers the practical participation in a research project with relevance in polymer technology, including the presentation of results.

The issue of the Bachelor's Thesis is to be selected from the topics polymer engineering, chemistry or basic principles of mechanical engineering with mechatronics. The topic must have relevance in polymer technologies.

Project Seminar

The results of the Bachelor's Thesis are to be presented within the course "Project Seminar".

Obligatory attendance: 4 times (3 times listening to presentations; 1 time presenting)

For one meeting there is usually more than one presentation. It is either way counted as one time being present. The attendance can be fulfilled at any of the four institutes; also you can visit both - Bachelor's and Master's Thesis Presentations.

The own presentation has to be held at the institute advising the Bachelor's Thesis and where you have enrolled the course "Project Seminar".

For the grading of the course it is needed to hand out a copy of your thesis, accomplished in accordance to our guidelines (see downloads below), additionally and self-sufficient of the JKU’s regulations.


Completion of a Bachelor’s degree program requires the successful completion of the Bachelor Degree Examination (=Bachelorprüfung) or submission of an application to complete the program after passing all of the required course examinations.

Please Note:
For academic degree programs completed on or after October 1, 2009, students must submit the UStat2 form (evaluation form on studies-related stays abroad). Required!

Bachelor's Degree Examination

After passing the last examination in the Bachelor's degree program (must appear in KUSSS), please submit the completed examination roster to the Department of Examination and Recognition Services.

If necessary, the roster can also be filed even if last course examination is pending.

application/pdfExamination Roster (German only) (1.0 MB, ATTENTION: altered rosters will not be accepted!)

Academic Degree
Conferral notification (issued in German and English) will be available approximately 2-3 weeks afterwards and the Bachelor's degree examination diploma can be picked up at the Department of Examination and Recognition Services - notification per e-mail.

PLEASE NOTE: After successful completion of a Bachelor's degree program, students may enroll in a Master's degree program. Students must enroll in person.

All information can also be found at Completion of a Bachelor's Degree Program.