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Main Areas of Research

Polymeric Materials for Sustainable Development

  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Technologies (Solar thermal, PV, Wind power)
  • Global and regional water supply (Plastics pipes and systems)
  • Polymeric materials based on renewable resources and bio-based polymeric materials
  • Material and performance oriented life cycles analysis

Multi-functional property profiles and applications of polymeric materials

  • Various combinations of mechanical, thermal, optical, electrical and acustical properties as well as transport/barrier properties
  • Physical and technological characterization of material properties (specimen level) and performance properties (component level)

Mechanical performance of plastics under complex mechanical loading conditions

  • Deformation and failure behavior of plastics and composites
  • Impact, long-term, and fatigue behavior (pure mechanical loading or combinations with external effects)
  • Conventional mechanics, fracture mechanics and micro-mechanics
  • Superimposed thermal & environmental loading (ESC) and aging
  • Material laws, failure criteria and life-time modeling

Characterisation of the inner material structure and establishment of material structure-property-processing-performance (msp³)-relationships

  • Focus on polyolefins and polyolefin-compounds (PE, PP), composites and elastomers
  • Investigations as to the inner material structure utilizing microscopic, spectroscopic and thermo-analytical methods (nano/meso/micro/macro scale)
  • Physical and technological characterisation of material and performance properties for service-relevant conditions also accounting for material aging (laboratory specimen level and semi-finished component level)
  • Aging behavior, mechanisms and kinetics, and life-time modeling