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The administraton is located in the Kopfgebäude Bldg. room no. 317 ...  more of Campus Map (Titel)

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Beschreibung: The newly founded Institute of Catalysis at the JKU in Linz is engaged in the design and application of metal complexes and organometallic compounds, which will be utilised in the efficient and eco-friendly synthesis of valuable products. In this context we are mainly interested in a broad applicability of the developed production processes and in the use of easily accessible substrates that are exploited in a sustainable manner. Moreover we are focusing on the establishment of structure-reactivity-relationships of the applied catalysts as well as the mechanistic understanding of the catalysed transformations. Therefore, in the first place cheap and earth-abundant metals comprising iron, cobalt and manganese are deployed as catalytically active centres. The scope of the catalysed reactions encompasses the activation and functionalization of small inorganic and organic substrates (small organic molecule chemistry, SOMOC) and the syntheses of complex molecules from simple precursors.

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