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First Cognitive Playground on Systemic Articulation and Representation of Work.

As systems thinking enhances the ability of a person or organization to learn, members of the JKU Knowledge Management Competence Center, SOL-Austria, and the Department of Business Information Systems – Communications Engineering facilitated sessions at the European Conference on Cognitive Ergonomics. More than 30 participants experienced a prototypical collaborative organizational learning tool setting from the IANES-project (www.ianes.eu, öffnet eine externe URL in einem neuen Fenster), and several games to build or expand cognitive and social capacities. Inputs have been provided from successful practice using the Systems Thinking Playbook by Linda Booth Sweeney and Dennis Meadows. Arms Crossed, Hands Down, and Paper Tear have been used to warm up, whereas Community Maze, Warped Juggle, and Climate Change challenged the groups’ intelligence. In several reflection rounds possible impacts to the participants own work and life have been discussed. The process could be documented in several ways, namely in pictures and concept maps. The practitioners, consultants, and researchers enjoyed the joint experience, as the following statement from a participant reveals: ‘I never thought, what a simple task could become such a complex problem.’ He had facilitated Paper Tear giving precise verbal instructions and expecting accurate results.