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First CPS Lab Workshop!

Exchanging information


Last Wednesday, June 23rd (coincidentally, on the anniversary of Alan Turing's birth), the first CPS Lab workshop was held. We had an intense working session with about 20 presentations. Our goal was to catch up with a team that has grown very fast in the last year. Beyond many tools, classes, theses and articles in the pipeline, 2 common denominators appeared in the presentations:

  • Vocation to learn and professional growth, we are ambitious
  • Spirit of collaboration with colleagues, 1 + 1 is more than 2!

We are proud to count on both as guarantors of obtaining great results and contributing our grain of sand to the development of the JKU (and as far as possible, of our society). More predictable was the word cloud generated from the presentations, including the main topics of our laboratory: variability, research, automation, Cyber Physical Production Systems (CPSS), Modular, 61499, Software, ...

As one does not live by work alone, we also took advantage of the good weather to meet after in a more relaxed environment, keeping the safety distance, on the shore of Plesching Lake (and continue planning articles :D).