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Thomas Tschoellitsch

Thomas Tschoellitsch is the project lead at the Medical Cognitive Computing Center (MC^3) at Kepler University Hospital and Medical Faculty of Johannes Kepler University. MC^3 explores and develops artificial intelligence projects focused on intensive care medicine, anesthesia and emergency medicine as well as patient safety. Recent works include rapid detection of COVID-19 without the need of PCR testing, risk stratification of patients at the emergency department, patient deterioration and risk prediction for patient discharge in intensive care units, and prevention of adverse reactions to transfusion events.

His research interests include machine learning on early warning strategies and preventive measures, improving medical diagnosis and treatment with sparse data, image and video analysis, critical care medicine, resuscitation and innovative teaching methods.

Dr. Tschoellitsch is a specialist in anesthesiology and intensive care medicine, emergency physician and general practitioner. He is teaching, amongst universities, at various post-secondary educational institutions in Europe.