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LIT Breakfast Briefing

Julia Freund (Institute of Semiconductor and Solid State Physics) / Manuel Schlenkrich (RISC Software GmbH)

LIT Breakfast Briefing

Die LIT Breakfast Briefings bieten spannende Einblicke in topaktuelle Forschungsprojekte an der JKU und diskutieren diese auch vor dem Hintergrund gesellschaftlicher, wirtschaftlicher und technologischer Herausforderungen und prüfen ihre Anwendbarkeit.

Zwei Themen - 30 Minuten.

(Bitte beachten Sie die aktuellen COVID-19-Regelungen)


Quantum communication with polarization entangled photon pairs from semiconductor quantum dots

Quantum dots are made from common direct-bandgap semiconductors. A quantum dot in a semiconductor environment can be illustrated by a popular Austrian dish, the Kaiserschmarrn: The quantum dots are the raisins and the semiconductor environment embedding the quantum dots is the dough. Quantum dots are able to confine electron-hole pairs (excitons) within a nanometric region of space. In spite of the complex solid-state environment, the decay cascade of excitons within a quantum dot shows the behaviour of a few-level quantum system, similar as one can find it in atoms. If the electron and hole recombine, a photon is emitted. If two excitons are confined within the quantum dot, their recombination leads to a polarization entangled photon pair. Polarization entangled photon pairs can be used to establish a secure communication between two distant parties. Especially, if the content to be sent contains critical information such as access to bank accounts or personal data of the involved parties, it is desired to ensure an eavesdropping free communication channel. In my breakfast briefing talk I am going to show how we can use polarization entangled photon pairs from quantum dots to encrypt messages between two parties. The aim of my talk will be to introduce the concept of entanglement, subsequently I would like to demonstrate how one can use entangled photon pairs to establish a secure communication channel between two parties.

An optimization framework for large-scale industrial production scheduling

Manufacturing companies across various industries like steel-, chemical- or semiconductor fabricants have to face complex production scheduling problems in order to stay competitive. Several thousand operations need to be sequenced and assigned to scarce resources, such as machines, tools and workforce. At the same time complex constraints within the production environment must be considered. It is of crucial importance to perform this scheduling process as efficient as possible in order to meet deadlines, maximize resource utilization and minimize several cost factors.

Since the size and complexity of real industry cases highly exceed the limitations of mathematical modelling and exact solution approaches, we develop an efficient metaheuristic scheduling framework based on the Tabu-Search method to deliver high quality production schedules. An initial solution candidate is continuously improved by iteratively modifying the solution structure through neighborhood operations and evaluating the resulting schedule concerning various objectives. In order to counter the ever-increasing complexity and size of the industrial problem instances and to keep track of computational time, we enhance the behavior of the neighborhood operators and aim to evaluate the solution candidates more efficiently.

(Das LIT Breakfast Briefing wird in englischer Sprache abgehalten.)


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