Markus Sinnl Becomes a Highly Ranked Researcher

Markus Sinnl (34) has been ranked among top researchers in German-speaking Europe in the field of business administration.

Markus Sinnl

In collaboration with the Düsseldorf Institute of Competition Economics, every two years the ETH Zürich's research institute, KOF, ranks researchers in Business Administration in three categories: research output from the past 4 years, top scholars under 40, and a lifetime research achievement award. The ranking is published in Wirtschaftswoche, öffnet eine externe URL in einem neuen Fenster.

Markus Sinnl (34) at the JKU's Institute of Production and Logistics Management has been ranked No. 12 among scholars under 40 in German-speaking Europe and No. 1 among scholars with an Austria-only affiliation. He also ranked No. 34 in the general ranking (with no age limit).

His research has been published in the leading journals in the field, such as Management Science, Operations Research, and Omega. His main research interests include the development of efficient algorithms to support hard optimization problems rising in (vehicle) routing, facility location, (social) network analysis, districting, network design, telecommunications, and systems biology. He has received the Austrian Operations Research Society's dissertation award, and the INFORMS Section on Location Analysis award. He is currently the principal investigator for an FWF study. He previously served as the principal investigator of an LIT Young Career study and a JKU Business School seed-project as part of an interdisciplinary high-impact research call.