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Welcome Christina Auer, MSc!

Christina Auer joins our Team since September 2017 and is currently working towards her PhD. Her research activities focus on self-interference cancellation using Kernel Adaptive Filtering.Welcome!

Press Articles

Forschung im Fokus Informer (Magazin für Forschung, Innovation und Technologie aus OÖ)

Welcome Damir Hamidović, MSc!

Damir Hamidović joins our Team since June 2017 and currently works on his PhD-Thesis. Welcome!

Press Articles

The Team of Christian Doppler Laboratory for Digitally Supported High-Frequency Transceivers for the Future of Mobile Communication Systems

B.Sc. Thomas Jedinger, DI Andreas Gebhard
DI Tobias Buckel, DI Christoph Preissl (external researcher), DI Jovan Markovic (external researcher), DI Dr. Eugen Pfann, DI Alexander Klinkan (external researcher), DI Peter Preyler (external researcher)
DI Ehrentraud Hager, M.Sc. Christian Motz, Univ.-Prof. DI Dr Andreas Springer, Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. Mario Huemer, Birgit Bauer, Monika Scheuchenegger
(not in picture: DI Ram Sunil Kanumalli, external researcher)


Welcome Mrs. DI Ehrentraud Hager!

DI Ehrentraud Hager from the Institute of Integrated Circuits (IIC) joins our team since March 2017 and currently works on her PhD-Thesis about low power circuit design for frequency Generation in future Transceivers for mobile communications. Welcome!

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Grand Opening Ceremony of the Christian Doppler Laboratory

We are very proud to announce that the Christian Doppler (CD) laboratory has been officially opened with a great opening ceremony on March 16th 2017. The CD laboratory is led by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Mario Huemer and Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. Andreas Springer and focusses on future mobile communication transceiver chips.