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Laboratory Safety/ Laborsicherheit

Sicherheit im Labor!

Safety in the student labs ...  more of Laboratory Safety/ Laborsicherheit (Titel)

Our location on the JKU Campus


TNF-Tower, 3rd floor, Room 308 (Sekretariat). ...  more of Our location on the JKU Campus (Titel)

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Topics for Bachelor/ Master/ DiplomaTheses

Bachelor/ Master/ Diploma Theses Using NMR:

Working on these topics will also give you an opportunity to get trained on the NEW NMR SPECTROMETERS installed in 2011.

Intermolecular Interactions of Bioactive Compounds by NMR

You will analyse structures and interactions of compounds, which are used as medical drugs or drug candidates.

Optimizing protein expression and purification for NMR investigations

You will work with recombinant proteins with the goal of producing stable isotope labelled proteins in high yield.

Interested students should contact Prof. Norbert Müller, asap.

Bachelor/ Master/ Diploma Theses Involving Organic Synthesis (Organocatalyis):

Students with skills and interests in practical preparative organic synthesis should contact Dr. Mario Waser for further information.


Bachelor/Master/Diploma theses involving the synthesis of metal corroles and metal porphyrins for catalysis applications

Students with skills and interests in organic heterocyclic chemistry should contact Dr. Wolfgang Schöfberger