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Laboratory Safety/ Laborsicherheit

Sicherheit im Labor!

Safety in the student labs ...  more of Laboratory Safety/ Laborsicherheit (Titel)

Our location on the JKU Campus


TNF-Tower, 3rd floor, Room 308 (Sekretariat). ...  more of Our location on the JKU Campus (Titel)

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Structure - Synthesis - Spectroscopy

Our main focus is fundamental research on functional organic molecules and their interactions in a biological context (i.e. bio-organic chemistry) with a strong emphasis on structure – function studies by spectroscopic methods. A major motivation behind our work is reducing the environmental footprint of chemical synthesis by use of renewable primary products as well as biological or biomimetic reactions.

In this context, the use of organocatalysts (sub-stoichiometric amounts of metal-free organic molecules) has an enormous potential for the catalysing stereoselective reactions. We develop novel organocatalysts for applications in the syntheses of natural products and their derivatives.

Methodologically we have a heavy interest and extensive competence in NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) methodology and the development of innovative NMR techniques and applications.

Interdisciplinary projects linking to biomedicine, biophysics, natural products chemistry, photochemistry, and physics as well as problem oriented applied science projects in collaboration with industry partners have a strong tradition at the Institute of Organic Chemistry @ JKU.