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Laboratory Safety/ Laborsicherheit

Sicherheit im Labor!

Safety in the student labs ...  more of Laboratory Safety/ Laborsicherheit (Titel)

Our location on the JKU Campus


TNF-Tower, 3rd floor, Room 308 (Sekretariat). ...  more of Our location on the JKU Campus (Titel)

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Wolfgang Schöfberger

Assoc. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schöfberger

Assoc. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schöfberger (Back to Team Overview)
Associate Professor

Office: T 305, Lab: T 342
Phone: +43-732-2468-5410
Fax: +43-732-2468-5402

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August 2017: Our paper "A pH-sensitive macromolecular prodrug as TLR7/8 targeting immune response modifier" goes online in Chemistry - A European Journal!

August 2017: Our joint paper "Cellular interfaces with hydrogen-bonded organic semiconductor hierarchical nanocrystals" goes online in Nature Communications!

August 2017: Our joint paper "Biofunctionalized conductive polymers enable efficient CO2 electroreduction" goes online in Science Advances!

April 2017: Our paper "CO2 Fixation with Epoxides under Mild Conditions with a Cooperative Metal Corrole - Quaternary Ammonium Salt Catalyst System" with Mario and Maximillian goes online in Chemistry – An Asian Journal!

April 7th, 2017: DI Sabrina Gonglach and DI Michael Haas finish their master thesis work with the defense and final examination. Congratulations! They now work as PhD students on the FWF-Project (P28167): "Oxygen- and hydrogen evolution triggered by surface-supported catalysts."

March 30th, 2017: WS gives an 8K presentation entitled: All Life is (Biological) Chemistry - From (Macro) Molecular Structure to Medicine at the Ars Electronica Center. Please see the fotogallery.

Foto Gallery

March 2017: Our paper "On-Surface Site-Selective Cyclization of Corrole Radicals" goes online in ACS Nano.

January 2017: WS spends time as an invited lecturer at the SABIC-2017 in Kolkata, India. A very, very nice conference and an overwhelming experience.

November 2016: DI Markus Nadlinger will receive the "DER FÖRDERUNGSPREIS 2016 DER GESELLSCHAFT ÖSTERREICHISCHER CHEMIKER" for his master thesis entitled "Synthesis of Imidazoquinolines for Antibody-Based Cancer Immunotherapeutics". Congratulations!

June 2016: Sabrina Gonglach (BSc) and Michael Haas (BSc) will join my team as master students to work on the FWF-Project (P28167): "Oxygen- and hydrogen evolution triggered by surface-supported catalysts."

May 2016: The invited mini-review dedicated to Prof. Kevin M Smith 70th birthday "The evolution of corrole synthesis – from simple one-pot strategies to sophisticated ABC-corroles" goes online in Journal of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines.

May 2016: Dr. Stefan Aichhorn will join the research group of Prof. Varinder K. Aggarwal as "Erwin Schrödinger Fellow" financed by the FWF (Austrian Science Fund). Congratulations Stefan, enjoy your postdoc time!

April 2016: Dr. Stefan Aichhorn finishes his PhD work and passes the "Rigorosum" with distinction. Congratulations!

February 2016: Our paper "A bi-functional electro-catalyst for oxygen evolution and oxygen reduction reactions in water" goes online in Angewandte Chemie.

Youtube Video

January 2015: Science Slam Winner: Upper Austria. "Die Post bringt allen was!"