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Biological Chemistry Double Degree Bachelor Program

Beschreibung: Cross Border Life Science

Please note: A major reorganisation of the Bachelor study program is planned for the Winter term 2018/19. This will mostly affect the first study year in Linz. One major effect will be that it will be easier to enter the first lab. Details will be published after the official approval.

The joint Bachelor's degree program in Biological Chemistry is organized and supported by the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences at the JKU Linz and the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the University of South Bohemia in Budweis, Czech Republic.

The program not only focuses on competency skills and knowledge transfer in biological sciences, but also international experience and training as a chemist to pursue professional, scientific and application-oriented careers. The program not only incorporates essential areas of chemistry curcial for overall knowledge in the field, but also addresses an analysis of biological systems as well as areas of biology in which chemical procedures are crucial.
General education covers base knowledge in areas of inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry. Compared to studies in “Technical Chemistry”, this program provides concentrated, in-depth instruction in areas of biological chemistry and biology.

The Bachelor Curriculum of Biological Chemistry consists of Biochemistry, Mathematics and Physics, Biology, Analytical Chemistry, General and Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Informatics, Communications and Ethics, Physical Chemistry, Elective subjects, Molecular Biology.

The program will be conducted entirely in English. Non-natively English speaking participants must attend the courses titled “English for Chemists". Participants with proof of proficient knowledge of English need not take these courses (recognition process required). For them we recommend alternative language course e.g. in Czech. The curriculum has been designed so that students spend ca. 50% of the program studying at each university.

Potential Career Opportunities
The academic degree qualifies graduates to pursue careers as project and research assistants or laboratory managers in the field of Life Sciences. The international nature of the program, combined with English as the main language of instruction, particularly qualifies graduates for professions in multinational environments (such as EU institutions and internationally active business and corporations).

Program of Study: Bachelor's Degree in Biological Chemistry
Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Science (BSc) of the JKU Linz and a Bachelor's degree (Bc) awarded by the University of Southern Bohmemia
Program Length: 6 Semesters

A complete list of subjects and courses can be found in the online study handbook.
The up-to-date curriculum (in German language) can be downloaded here.
An English version of the curriculum should become available soon.

application/pdfSyllabus of the courses at the University of South Bohemia (52KB, Detailed description of the courses taking place in during the second year of bachelor program)