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Sydow, J./Schüßler, E./Müller-Seitz, G. (2016): Managing Interorganizational Relations: Debates and Cases. Houndsmills: Palgrave Macmillan.

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Company Representatives

“Fronius International Ltd. has successfully collaborated with the ACT program in the past, however this year’s partnership meant more to me personally as I am an ACT alumni. It was a particularly exceptional experience to work with a culturally diverse project group and benefit from their unbiased views on the topic of knowledge transfer. The findings and input we received as a company were taken into consideration as part of an internal project with a strong and valuable effect.

In my personal experience, the ability to really understand, work and perform in different cultural settings is a crucial and key skill for successful national and international careers and the major return of the program to the students. Graduates of the ACT program have high potential to work for internationally active companies that want to shift limits.”

Martin Steininger, HR International, Fronius International Ltd., 2012 ACT program participant


"The ACT program at Johannes Kepler University Linz offers a great opportunity for students to get in touch with internationally renowned companies and acquire valuable experience by working on business projects.

voestalpine benefits in many ways. Working together with a young and motivated team gives us an external view and new insight on certain topics that concern our business. The students carry out the structured ACT projects in a professional manner. The students' different backgrounds in regards to education and nationality within the team create inspiring meetings and remarkable results."

Fred Josef Ritzinger
Corporate Development, voestalpine AG


"As a global company we emphasize a sustainable understanding of culture and the empathy resulting from it. These values also guide our supplier relationship management at the forefront. In a very systematic and dynamic project, the MGB-ACT student team developed many fruitful ideas for an improved understanding of the role of culture in the supplier relationship management. Moreover, thanks to the intensive collaboration with the student group, we were able to hire a Canadian student."

Dr. Wolfgang Rapberger, MBA, Vice President BRP-Powertrain


"The joint Master's degree in Global Business at the Johannes Kepler University Linz offers a truly unique approach to intercultural business education. The students live and work together for a full year with peers from three different countries and cultures. This provides an unparalleled opportunity to combine a professional-quality management training with a global experience.

Program graduates become ambassadors of a progressive style of management and possess a genuine understanding of different perspectives, something which is increasingly essential in our global networking economy. They have an improved ability to leverage the advantages of diversity and advance their problem solving skills. Not surprisingly, the demand for graduates of this program is soaring at international companies."

Dr. Franz Reitbauer, MBA, Greiner Packaging Ltd.
General Manager, LITHOS Industrial Minerals GmbH


"Even though Italy is currently experiencing a weakening economy, it still remains Austria’s second most important export market behind Germany. Northern Italy in particular is a strong economic driver in the immediate vicinity with close ties to Austria and industry in Upper Austria. From our prespective, the University of Bergamo is the perfect partner for the new Master’s degree program in Global Business. Russia’s size means great potential for many industrial companies in Upper Austria and offers great opportunities as an exciting “emerging market”. Austria continues to be the gateway to markets in Eastern Europe and that means Russia, too."

Dr. Manfred Asamer, Asamer Holding AG

"The ACT program is highly valuable both for the students and for voestalpine. Over the past years they have performed on a high level and helped us to work on topics that we would not have been able to solve due to a lack of resources (interviews, research, theory input). Especially in our international context it is an enrichment to have high performers from America, Asia and Europe."

Dr. Ernst Balla, Personalentwickler, Corporate Human Resources
voestalpine AG


Students and Graduates

The ACT program has countless positive aspects but the best part is meeting amazing people from all over the world. You study, travel and have a good time with a great group of people. The cultural diversity within the group can be both challenging and fascinating but for me, this is what makes the program so unique. You not only learn a lot about the traditions and customs within other cultures, but also about yourself and how others see you and your culture.

If your goal is to pursue a professional career at an international company after graduation, the ACT program can be a perfect fit for you. You will acquire sound base-knowledge in various areas of international business management and experience what it means to master challenges in unfamiliar settings outside of your comfort zone. The program's design and demands means you have the opportunity to set yourself apart from other students so go for it!

Michael Luthwig MSc, Sales Consultant at Hilti Austria


When I joined the MGB-ACT program, I expected to learn something about international business and other cultures. Now, looking back on my experience, I realize that I not only learned about international business, I lived it. Be it bargaining at Asian night markets with very limited Mandarin skills or conducting research on the Mexican automotive industry for an Austrian company, these are experiences I will never forget. The opportunity to study, live and travel together with people from all around the world is what makes the program unique. My classmates soon became my friends, my travel buddies, and my shoulders to lean on. Through our unique perspectives on the world, we learned about each other’s culture in all of its facets. I am confident that in the future, the international immersion I experienced and my ability to work within a multicultural team will help me contribute to an efficient global working environment.

If you seek a truly international, enriching and challenging program, the MGB program is right for you. You just have to bring an open mind, a strong work ethic, teamwork-oriented attitude, and - most importantly - a sense of adventure.

Judith Buchner MSc MBA, Export Assistant at Eckes-Granini


"The MGB-Troika program was an outstanding and interesting opportunity for me to study in a dynamic, intercultural environment. In particular, acquiring theoretical knowledge in combination with close ties to well-known multinational players makes the program special. Moreover, the program stimulated my interest in doing business in Russia, as well as learning more about the Russian culture and language. I believe this will benefit my future career prospects. In all, the program exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend motivated students to consider the program, especially if they are seeking to study in a top tier program."

Hannes Frauenschuh, Trainee company Engel, currently based in the US


The Troika program offered by JKU gave me an opportunity to learn more about myself, my culture, my history and about other cultures (particularly those involved in the program) than I would have expected to. I’ve gained so much experience and acquired so many different world-views and opinions that mine own ideas have become twisted upside-down and turned inside out. This is what several scholars refer to as “learning” and that is what the program actually offers.

Studying with semi-collectivistic Russians, collectivistic Italians and individualistic Austrians in each of these three countries will show you first-hand how these cultures work as well as how they act and perform in foreign environments and how they - and you - tackle problems. During demanding group projects that last several months or during the whole year, you have an opportunity to really understand the different styles of work and learn how to solve culturally-related problems.

The program is very demanding and requires full commitment but it is worth it and will pay off tremendously, not only in terms of personal growth, but also for your future professional career prospects because you will have experienced and encountered more than other peers.

Sophie Hasslacher, JKU student


“The Joint Master's degree Program - Troika broadened my horizons and I acquired invaluable international experience. To be honest, it was a great experience and I now cannot imagine my life without having traveled and meeting people from other countries, such as my Austrian and Italian friends. I was so fascinated by studying and living in another country that I decided to continue my studies at JKU as an exchange student.

If you want to acquire international experience for yourself and learn more about the business context and cultural environment of Russia and Italy, the Troika-Program is the best way to achieve your goal!”

Irina Tolkacheva, Volkswagen in Nizhny Novgorod


"Applying for JKU’s "ACT Global Business Program" was one of the best decisions I have ever made. By completing this program I have not only received a degree from one of Austria’s most unique educational exchange programs (if not worldwide!), this degree also helps me to distinguish myself from all the other business students. The program has helped me to feel more confident and secure when interacting in a national as well as international business context.
Before the ACT program I could only envision working in Austria or Germany but now I feel “at home” all over the world and have become a true international citizen."

Mag. Bernhard Kölbel, consultant at Xenagos


"The MGB-ACT program was one of the best experiences in my life. The program sparked my enthusiasm to learn Chinese which I was subsequently able to improve while in Shanghai and Beijing. The program laid the foundation for an international career with my current employer BMW."

Mag. Sebastian Felser, Purchasing Specialist at BMW Group


"The ACT Program was an amazing time for me. I met extraordinary people, encountered incredible cultures and countries, and had an overall unprecedented experience. If you get the chance to be part of this program- take it! It will change you!"

Mag. Angela Beutelmeyer, BSc
Senior-Researcher, Marktforschungsinstitut - market


"Inside the MGB classroom, there is a sense of excitement, a culture of debate and most importantly, a feeling of dynamism. Every day and every class is unique in its objectives. Whether learning about ASEAN investment opportunities in Asia or visiting multinational corporations in Europe, the first-hand experiences we've had in the program have helped form the basis for cultural awareness, and shed some light on business in a foreign context."

Julian Legazpi MSc, General Manager - Southeast Asia at KTM Sportmotorcycle AG