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News 2012 (23 entries)

12/12: Our CDLab has been invited as scientific partner into the European RFCS. Together with partners from Sweden (project leader), Germany and Austria our CDLab will study pulverized coal injection into blast furnaces.

12/12: Klemens Gruber has received the Macke Award from the Institute of Theoretical Physics for his CDLab Master thesis on modelling the incipient motion of sediments in channel flows. Congrats to him and his supervisors Christoph Goniva, Simon Schneiderbauer and Stefan Puttinger!

12/12: The collarborative European project (FP7) application 'NanoSim' has passed stage-1 evaluation. Congrats to Christoph Kloss and Christoph Goniva!

12/12: CDLab is giving five presentations at CFD 2012 in Melbourne/Australia

11/12: CDLab co-evaluated a PhD thesis on droplet disintregration at the TU Vienna. Congrats to Jozsef Nagy for completion with distinction!

11/12: CDLab realized a feasibility study on silicon die injection together with Starlim&Sterner.

11/12: CDLab is giving a presentation at PROCEMIN in Santiago de Chile

11/12: CDLab is giving a presentation at the Leichtmetalltage Ranshofen

10/12: CDLab has published a paper on lattice Boltzmann based turbulence modelling in Powder Technology. Congrats to Stefan Pirker

10/12: CDLab has published a paper on dense particle laden flows in Chemical Engineering Science. Congrats to Simon Schneiderbauer

10/12: CDLab starts a 3-years PhD cooperation with Leichtmetall Kompetenzzentrum Ranshofen on the topic of 'High Pressure Die Casting'.

10/12: CDLab is giving a presentation at the Bulk Solids Europe 2012 Berlin

10/12: CDLab is delivering a presentation at the open source CFD conference in London

10/12: CDLab is giving a presentation at the 4th SIG41 Ercoftac workshop

10/12: CDLab is giving a presentation at the 17th Ercoftac Area Meeting in Zagreb

09/12: CDLab delivered a presentation at River Flow 2012 in Costa Rica

09/12: CDLab has been invited to join the European research program COST-FP1005 'Fibre Suspension Flow Modelling' as scientific partner.

09/12: CDLab published a paper on experimental methods in the Journal of Powder Technology. Congrats to Stefan Puttinger!

09/12: CDLab delivers 6 presentations at ECCOMAS, Vienna, Austria. In addition a semi-plenary lecture is given.

09/12: The CDLab starts an academic co-operation with M. Zoltan (JKU, Linz, Austria) and V. Kuzkin (Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Russia) on Lattice Beam Modelling (V-model)

09/12: CDLab delivers a presentation at '17. Schüttguttagung' in Munich, Germany. This contribution has been selected for publication in the Journal 'Advanced Mining Solutions'.

08/12: The CDLab has been accepted as scientific partner in the FFG COIN program on Micro-Granulation

08/12: The CDLab organizes two Mini-Symposia at ECCOMAS