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2014 was the year of the PhDs. Afsaneh Soleimani made a breakthrough in the modeling of pneumatic conveying using continuum models. In particular, she developed an innovative method to include wall roughness, which depends on the particle diameter as well as the structure of the wall. Her novel model accurately reveals the velocity profiles in a pneumatic conveying line, which are considerably affected by wall roughness and the particle diameter.

Mahdi Saeedipour improved his Lagrangian-Eulerian hybrid approach for the numerical analysis of high-pressure die-casting. His simulations precisely predict the droplet size distribution as well as the correct spreading and disintegration of the droplets. Remarkably, their efforts have been honored by several conference presentation and a Journal paper.

We further want to welcome our new head of the Rock’n’Roll group. We are looking forward to jointly attack new challenging problems and we want to take the opportunity to further strengthen the collaboration between our groups.

(Simon Schneiderbauer)