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Industrial Dust Recycling

Particle conveying to industrial burners for solid materials in many cases requires a particle feeding injector. In such applications the combustion process often takes place at a higher pressure than at the point of the particle supply. Therefore the injector system must be able to feed particles against an increasing pressure level.

Damir Kahrimanovic has set up an 1D engineering tool to design the whole loop of a dust recycling system including cyclone, particle injector and feeding lines. To validate the 1D tool we have designed a modular lab-scale test rig (Fig. 1). In a first phase particles are fed via a vibrating chute to the injector box. After the conveying line the particles are collected on a weight balance in a box with adjustable pressure level.

Fig. 1: Outline of the lab-scale experiment

Lukas Fiel has done a huge parameter study this summer. On the basis of this data we are able to do comparisons with analytic and empirical calculations and validate the 1D engineering tool (Fig. 2 and 3).

Fig. 2: Non-dimensional plugging limit for strand conveying

Fig. 3: Comparison of analytic and measured pressure drop on conveying line for different particle diameters

In a final project phase the feeding injector will be included in our pneumatic test rig to form a closed loop system.

(Stefan Puttinger, Damir Kahrimanovic, Lukas Fiel)