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Concerning our experimental activities the year 2014 was a phase of consolidation. As multiphase experiments in most cases come along with huge amounts of data, there are phases where its time to get back to your desk, concentrate on data processing and recapitulate the extracted results in comparison to literature and CFD results.

Therefore there are not many new experiments to report but a lot of work behind the scenes was done to provide the basis for high quality experimental data.

Bernhard König programed a Matlab based data analysis tool for turbulence analysis of multiphase PIV data and corresponding CFD

The cooperation with the Institute of Electrical Measurement and Measurement Signal Processing at the Technical University Graz resulted in a first prototype of an electrical capacitance tomography system (ECT) which is able to provide real time tomography data of a pneumatic conveying experiment. Currently the hardware design for the final version is under development.

Lukas Fiel has conducted a huge parameter study on our particle feeding injector and pneumatic conveying experiment. It takes some dedicated time to dig through all this data and draw the right conclusions.

2015 will be a year full of designing and setting up new experiments and testing new measurement techniques for the follow up CD Lab, the new K1Met research projects and other bilateral projects with industry.

(Stefan Puttinger)