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Centerpiece of our industrial hardware is the six-axis articulated robot RX130L from the Swiss manufacturer Stäubli. The control is done by an Bernecker & Rainer Automation PC (APC) which communicates via the real-time Ethernet-Bus "Powerlink" with six ACOPOS servo drives.

The combination of this control system and the robot, provides the opportunity of unrestricted access to all soft- and hardware components. The programming in ANSI-C or with the Matlab Realtime Workshop allows implementations of central as well as decentral nonlinear control concepts. Furthermore force control - for machining or compliant robot motion - with a usual force/torque sensor can be realized.
Technical data:
- Nominal Payload: 6 kg
- Maximum Payload:10 kg
- Mechanical construction: 6 rotatory axes
- Control System: B&R Automation-PC with ACOPOS servo drives