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Toy-Brick Tensile Tester

Radial Stretching System

SoMaP präsentiert einen auf Spielzeugbausteinen basierenden Tisch-Tensometer für Forschung und Lehre ...  mehr zu Toy-Brick Tensile Tester (Titel)

Radial Stretching System

Radial Stretching System

SoMaP präsentiert ein Open Source Projekt für Soft Matter Research ...  mehr zu Radial Stretching System (Titel)

ERC Grant 2012

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Wir befinden uns im 10.Stock des TNF-Turms ...  mehr zu Camplusplan (Titel)

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Soft Matter Physics

Beschreibung: Abteilung Physik weicher Materie (SoMaP) am Institut für Experimentalphysik

Johannes Kepler Universität Linz
Soft Matter Physics
Altenbergerstrasse 69
4040 Linz, Austria

Tel.: +43 732 2468 9762
Fax: +43 732 2468 9273

E-Mail: christa.mitschan(/\t)

Raum: T1008

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Leitung Siegfried Bauer
Sekretariat Christa Mitschan

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From Playroom to Lab: Tough Stretchable Electronics Analyzed with a Tabletop Tensile Tester Made from Toy-Bricks

Toy bricks are an ideal platform for the cost-effective rapid prototyping of a tabletop tensile tester with measurement accuracy on par with expensive, commercially available laboratory equipment. Here, a tester is presented that is not only a versatile demonstration device in mechanics, electronics, and physics education and an eye-catcher on exhibitions, but also a powerful tool for stretchable electronics research. Following the “open-source movement” the build-up of the tester is described and all the details for easy reproduction are disclosed. A a new design of highly conformable all-elastomer based graded rigid island printed circuit boards is developed. Tough bonded to this elastomer substrate are imperceptible electronic foils bearing conductors and off-the-shelf microelectronics, paving the way for next generation smart electronic appliances.



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