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Toy-Brick Tensile Tester

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SoMaP presents a toy-brick based tabletop tensometer for research and education. ...  more of Toy-Brick Tensile Tester (Titel)

Radial Stretching System

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SoMaP presents a Open Source Project for academic and industrial research ...  more of Radial Stretching System (Titel)

ERC Grant 2012

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Camplus plan

Campus plan

You find us in the TNF tower 10th floor ...  more of Camplus plan (Titel)

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Publicationtype: Paper in SCI-Expanded-Journal

  1. An Imperceptible Plastic Electronic Wrap (2015)
  2. Anodization Behavior of Glassy Metallic Hafnium Thin Films (2015)
  3. Directional, passive liquid transport: The Texas horned lizard as a model for a biomimetic 'liquid diode' (2015)
  4. A Soft Future: From Robots and Sensor Skin to Energy Harvesters (2014)
  5. Built to disappear (2014)
  6. Charge localization instability in a highly deformable dielectric elastomer (2014)
  7. Heteropolar Charging of Ferroelectrets for Flexible Keyboards and Tactile Sensors (2014)
  8. Laser ultrasonic receivers based on organic photorefractive polymer composites (2014)
  9. Natural rubber for sustainable high-power electrical energy generation (2014)
  10. Polymerisable octahedral rhenium cluster complexes as precursors for photo/ electroluminescent polymers (2014)
  11. Temporal change in the electromechanical properties of dielectric elastomer minimum energy structures (2014)
  12. An ultra-lightweight design for imperceptible plastic electronics (2013)
  13. Breakthroughs in Photonics 2012: Large-Area Ultrathin Photonics (2013)
  14. Control of Current Hysteresis of Networked Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Transistors by a Ferroelectric Polymer Gate Insulator (2013)
  15. Electronic and optoelectronic materials and devices inspired by nature (2013)
  16. Ferroelectric Polarization in Nanocrystalline Hydroxyapatite Thin Films on Silicon (2013)
  17. Giant voltage-induced deformation in dielectric elastomers near the verge of snap-through instability (2013)
  18. Hydrogen-Bonded Semiconducting Pigments for Air-Stable Field-Effect Transistors (2013)
  19. Hydrogen-bonds in molecular solids ? from biological systems to organic electronics (2013)
  20. Intrinsically stretchable and rechargeable batteries for self-powered stretchable electronics (2013)
  21. Modeling of large-area sensors with resistive electrodes for passive stimulus-localization (2013)
  22. Natural resin shellac as a substrate and a dielectric layer for organic field-effect transistors (2013)
  23. Organic Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells Based on P3HT and Anthracene-Containing PPE-PPV: Fabrication, Characterization and Modeling (2013)
  24. Sophisticated skin (2013)
  25. Stretch dependence of the electrical breakdown strength and dielectric constant of dielectric elastomers (2013)
  26. Ultrathin, highly flexible and stretchable PLEDs (2013)
  27. Analysis of mobile ionic impurities in polyvinylalcohol thin films by thermal discharge current and dielectric impedance spectroscopy (2012)
  28. Electric-field-tuned color in photonic crystal elastomers (2012)
  29. Green and biodegradable electronics (2012)
  30. Harnessing electromechanical instabilities in dielectric elastomers to achieve giant deformation of actuation (2012)
  31. Harnessing snap-through instability in soft dielectrics to achieve giant voltage-triggered deformation (2012)
  32. Indigo - A Natural Pigment for High Performance Ambipolar Organic Field Effect Transistors and Circuits (2012)
  33. Indigo and Tyrian Purple ? From Ancient Natural Dyes to Modern Organic Semiconductors (2012)
  34. Intermolecular hydrogen-bonded organic semiconductors-Quinacridone versus pentacene (2012)
  35. Investigation of trap states and mobility in organic semiconductor devices by dielectric spectroscopy: Oxygen-doped P3HT:PCBM solar cells (2012)
  36. Materials for stretchable electronics (2012)
  37. Model of dissipative dielectric elastomers (2012)
  38. Performance of dissipative dielectric elastomer generators (2012)
  39. Ultra-thin anodic alumina capacitor films for plastic electronics (2012)
  40. Vacuum-processed polyethylene as a dielectric for low operating voltage organic field effect transistors (2012)
  41. Ambipolar organic field effect transistors and inverters with the natural material Tyrian Purple (2011)
  42. An All-Printed Ferroelectric Active Matrix Sensor Network Based on Only Five Functional Materials Forming a Touchless Control Interface (2011)
  43. Anodized Aluminum Oxide Thin Films for Room-Temperature-Processed, Flexible, Low-Voltage Organic Non-Volatile Memory Elements with Excellent Charge Retention (2011)
  44. Dielectric Elastomer Generators: How Much Energy Can Be Converted? (2011)
  45. Dielectric response of doped organic semiconductor devices: P3HT:PCBM solar cells (2011)
  46. Discharge of ferroelectrets upon ionizing alpha radiation (2011)
  47. Exotic materials for bio-organic electronics (2011)
  48. High mobility, low voltage operating C60 based n-type organic field effect transistors (2011)
  49. Large area expansion of a soft dielectric membrane triggered by a liquid gaseous phase change (2011)
  50. Method for measuring energy generation and efficiency of dielectric elastomer generators (2011)
  51. PbTiO3 ? P(VDF-TrFE) ? Nanocomposites for Pressure and Temperature Sensitive Skin (2011)
  52. Pyroelectric, piezoelectric, and photoeffects in hydroxyapatite thin films on silicon (2011)
  53. Real-time in-situ observation of morphological changes in organic bulk-heterojunction solar cells by means of capacitance measurements (2011)
  54. Reversible and irreversible degradation of organic solar cell performance by oxygen (2011)
  55. Utilizing a high fundamental frequency quartz crystal resonator as a biosensor in a digital microfluidic platform (2011)
  56. Arrays of Ultracompliant Electrochemical Dry Gel Cells for Stretchable Electronics (2010)
  57. Biocompatible and Biodegradable Materials for Organic Field Effect Transistors (2010)
  58. Conformable large-area position-sensitive photodetectors based on luminescence-collecting silicone waveguides (2010)
  59. Environmentally sustainable organic field effect transistors (2010)
  60. Röntgen's electrode-free elastomer actuators without electromechanical pull-in instability (2010)
  61. Stretching Dielectric Elastomer Performance (2010)
  62. Video-speed detection of the absolute position of a light point on a large-area photodetector based on luminescent waveguides (2010)
  63. A nanocomposite for electronic skin (2009)
  64. Current versus gate voltage hysteresis in organic field effect transistors (2009)
  65. Flexible active-matrix cells with selectively poled bifunctional polymer-ceramic nanocomposite for pressure and temperature sensing skin (2009)
  66. Frequency dependent dielectric and mechanical behavior of elastomers for actuator applications (2009)
  67. Hybrid Parallel Tempering and Simulated Annealing Method (2009)
  68. Hybrid parallel tempering and simulated annealing method (2009)
  69. Light- and Touch-Point Localization using Flexible Large Area Organic Photodiodes and Elastomer Waveguides (2009)
  70. Organic Nonvolatile Memory Transistors for Flexible Sensor Arrays (2009)
  71. Printable Ferroelectric PVDF/PMMA Blend Films with Ultralow Roughness for Low Voltage Non-Volatile Polymer Memory (2009)
  72. Small-molecule vacuum processed melamine-C60, organic field-effect transistors (2009)
  73. User-friendly, biocompatible miniature flow cell for fragile high fundamental frequency quartz crystal resonators (2009)
  74. User-friendly, miniature biosensor flow cell for fragile high fundamental frequency quartz crystal resonators (2009)
  75. Capacitive extensometry for transient strain analysis of dielectric elastomer actuators (2008)
  76. Flexible foam-based capacitive sensor arrays for object detection at low costs (2008)
  77. Flexible large area ferroelectret sensors for location sensitive touchpads (2008)
  78. Micropatterned atmospheric pressure discharge surface modification of fluorinated polymer films for mammalian cell adhesion and protein binding (2008)
  79. Mobile Ionic Impurities in Poly(vinyl alcohol) Gate Dielectric: Possible Source of the Hysteresis in Organic Field-Effect Transistors (2008)
  80. Vacuum-Processed Polyaniline-C60 Organic Field Effect Transistors (2008)
  81. Broadband generation and detection of ultrasound with cellular polymer ferroelectrets (2007)
  82. Energy minimization for self-organized structure formation and actuation (2007)
  83. Generation and detection of broadband airborne ultrasound with cellular polymer ferroelectrets (2007)
  84. Low-voltage organic thin-film transistors with high-k nanocomposite gate dielectrics for flexible electronics and optothermal sensors (2007)
  85. Nonlinear capacitance dilatometry for investigating elastic and electromechanical properties of ferroelectrets (2007)
  86. Capacitance dilatometry for the in-situ controlled expansion process of cellular polymer-filler composites (ferroelectrets) (2006)
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  95. Elasctic and electromechanical properties of polypropylene foam ferroelectrets (2005)
  96. Temperature domain analysis of primary and secondary dielectric relaxation phenomena in a nonlinear optical side-chain polymer (1998)

Publicationtype: Paper in reviewed Journal

  1. Electrode Free Elastomer Actuators With Unlimited Actuation Range (2010)
  2. Flexible Large Area Photodetectors for Human Machine Interfaces (2010)
  3. High frequency QCM based sensor system for sensitive detection of dissolved analytes (2010)
  4. High Frequency QCM Flow Cell with Enhanced Accuracy for Liquid and Biochemical Sensing (2009)
  5. En-face optical coherence tomography with ultra-high resolution for material investigation (2005)
  6. Fabrication and characterisation of solution-processed methanofullerene-based organic field-effect transistors (2005)
  7. High mobility n-channel organic field effect transistors (2005)
  8. High-mobility pentacene organic field-effect transistors with a high-dielectric-constant fluorinated polymer film gate dielectric (2005)
  9. High-performance ambipolar pentacene organic field-effect transistors on PVA organic gate dielectric (2005)
  10. Mechanical motion of conjugated-polymer diodes under forward and reverse bias operation (2005)
  11. Microstorms in cellular polymers: A route to soft piezoelectric transducer materials with engineered macroscopic-dipoles (2005)
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  13. Unusual electromechanical effects in organic semiconductor Schottky contacts: Between piezoelectricity and electrostriction (2005)
  14. Charged cellular polymers with ferroelectretíc behavior (2004)
  15. Controlled inflation of voids in cellular polymer ferroelectrets: Optimizing electromechanical transducer properties (2004)
  16. Dielectric investigation of photo-induced chromphore degradation in nonlinear optical side-chain polymer electrets (2004)
  17. Nonvolatile organic field-effect transistor memory element with a polymeric gate electret (2004)
  18. Current practice in space charge and polarization profile measurements using thermal techniques (2003)
  19. Mikrogewitter im Polymerschaum (2003)
  20. Plasma deposited parylenee like thin films: Process and material properties (2003)
  21. Air-gap capapcitance cell for the investigation of porous and solvent containing dielectric films (2002)
  22. Dielectric barrier micro-discharges: Mechanism for the charging of cellular piezoelectric polymers (2002)
  23. Charges in heterogeneous materials: A new route for piezoelecticity (2001)
  24. Chemical composition and charge stability of highly crystalline pulsed-laser deposited polytetrafluoroethylene films on metal substrates (2001)
  25. Low-dielectric-constant polymers: A new class of space-charge electrets (2001)
  26. Piezo- and pyroelectricity of a polymer-foam space-charge electret (2001)
  27. Dielectric and electret properties of nanoemulsion spin-on polytetrafluorethylene films (2000)
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  38. Charge stability of pulsed-laser deposited Teflon-PTFE film electrets (1998)

Publicationtype: Paper in non reviewed Journal

  1. Pyroelectric Investigations: Tool for the Study of Thermal, Elastic and Electric Properties (1998)

Publicationtype: Paper in Conference Journal (reviewed)

  1. Bio-inspired Microfluidic Devices for Passive, Directional Liquid Transport: Model-based Adaption for Different Materials (2015)
  2. A comparison of the electromechanical characteristics of dielectric elastomer minimum energy structures (DEMES) and planar dielectric elastomer actuators (p-DEAs) (2013)
  3. A Flexible Polymer Sensor for Light Point Localization (2012)
  4. Dynamic Capacitive Extensometry Setup for In-Situ Monitoring of Dielectric Elastomer Actuators (2012)
  5. Electrical Characterization of Planar Dielectric Elastomer Actuators and Dielectric Elastomer Minimum Energy Structures (2012)
  6. Flexible, Large Area Polymer Sensor for Light Point Localization (2012)
  7. Ferroelectret Based Flexible Keyboards and Tactile Sensors (2011)
  8. Natural and nature-inspired semiconductors for organic electronics (2011)
  9. A High Fundamental Frequency Quartz Crystal Biosensor Integrated into an Electro-Wetting-on-Dielectrics Based Lab-on-a-Chip (2010)
  10. An Electrowetting on Dielectrics Based Lab-on-a-Chip Utilizing an Integrated High Fundamental Frequency Quartz Crystal Resonator as a Biosensor (2010)
  11. Heteropolar Ferroelectrets for Ultrathin Flexible Keyboards and Tactile Sensors (2010)
  12. Computing P-Values for Peptide Identifications in Mass Spectrometry (2009)
  13. Analysis of Safe and Failure Mode Regimes of Dielectric Elastomer Actuators (2008)
  14. Cellular ferroelectrets for flexible touchpads, keyboards and tactile sensors (2008)
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  16. Cellular ferroelectrets for flexible touchpads, keyboards and tactile sensors (2008)
  17. Computing P-values for peptide identifications in mass spectrometry (2008)
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  23. Modern Electrets (2003)
  24. Pulsed-laser deposition and characterization of thin films (2000)

Publicationtype: Paper in Conference Journal (non reviewed)

  1. Atmospheric Pressure Dielectric Barrier Discharges - a low cost system for surface modifaction (2005)
  2. Being a Women Physicist in Austria (2005)
  3. A fairytale of ferroelectricity (2004)
  4. Do ferroelectrets always behave like ferroelectrics (2004)

Publicationtype: Paper in Compilation (reviewed)

  1. Natural Materials for Organic Electronics (2013)
  2. Power supply, Generation, and Storage in Stretchable Electronics (2012)
  3. Piezoelectric Polymers and Their Applications (2008)
  4. Electrical Characteristics of Metal-insulator-semiconductor Diodes and Transistors with Space Charge Electret Insulaors: Towards Nonvolatile Organic Memories (2006)
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  6. Polymer electrets for electronics, sensors and photonics (2001)
  7. Piezo-, pyro- and ferroelectric polymers (2000)
  8. Pyroelectric polymer electrets (1999)

Publicationtype: Paper in Compilation (non-reviewed)

  1. Sensor Research at the Soft Matter Physics Department, Johannes Kepler University Linz (2009)

Publicationtype: Monograph

  1. Organic Electronics in Sensors and Biotechnology (2009)
  2. Pyroelectric polymer electrets (1999)

Publikationstyp: Tagungsband Herausgeberschaft (Erstauflage)

  1. Electroactive Polymers and Rapid Prototyping (2002)

Publikationstyp: Wissenschaftliche Fachzeitschrift (Mitherausgeberschaft)

  1. Applied Physics Review (2016)
  2. Applied Physics A (2015)
  3. Applied Physics Review (2015)
  4. Applied Physics A (2014)
  5. Applied Physics Review (2014)
  6. Applied Physics A (2013)
  7. Applied Physics Review (2013)
  8. Applied Physics A (2012)
  9. Applied Physics Review (2012)
  10. Applied Physics A (2011)
  11. Applied Physics Review (2011)
  12. Applied Physics A (2010)

Publicationtype: PhD Thesis

  1. Biosensing with 50 MHz HFF quartz crystals (2012)
  2. From flexible to ultrathin and stretchable electronics (2012)
  3. Kapazitive, pyro- und piezoelektrische Sensoren in der Automatisierung und in Sicherheitssystemen (2012)
  4. Large-area position sensitive detection of light points and objects (2012)
  5. Electromechanical energy conversion using dielectric elastomers (2011)
  6. Characterization and modelling of the visco-elastic, electro-mechanical, electro-acoustical and electret properties of cellular polymer ferroelectrets (2008)
  7. Dielectric barrier microdischarges, ferroelectrets and their applications (2006)
  8. Gas-Diffusions-Expansion temperaturstabiler Thermoplaste (2004)
  9. Poling and Characterization of Nonpolar and Polar Polymers for Electromechanical and Optical Applications (2003)
  10. Photoresponsive Organic Field-Effect Transistors using Organic Semiconductors and Dielectrics (2002)

Publicationstype: Master Thesis

  1. Mechanoelektrischer Elastomer-Elektretwandler für Quellen geringer Energiedichte (2014)
  2. Ortsaufgelöste Photostrom-Messung von organischen Solarzellen mit Laser und Smartphone (2014)
  3. Streckungsabhängigkeit der Materialparameter von dielektrischen Elastomeren (2014)
  4. Stretchable conductors on ultrathin substrates (2014)
  5. Plastic tests Plastics: A LEGO® Tensometer for Electromechanical Characterization of Dielectric Elastomers (2013)
  6. Stretchable rechargeable power sources (2013)
  7. "Energy harvesting" mit dielektrischen Elastomeren (2012)
  8. Direct writing of aluminium oxide dielectrics on flexible substrates with the scanning droplet cell microscope (2012)
  9. Elektroadhäsion im Einsatz bei Robotikelementen (2012)
  10. Strukturierung heteropolarer Polypropylen-Ferroelektrete zur Erzeugung flexibler Tastaturen und taktiler Sensoren (2012)
  11. ELEKTROSTATIK Von der Geschichte zur Robotik - LEGO(R) erklimmt neue Höhen (2010)
  12. Impedanzspektroskopie an organischen Solarzellen (2010)
  13. Konzepte für Touchpads, Tastenfelder und positionsempfindliche Berührungssensoren und deren flexible Realisierungen auf Basis von zellulären Polypropylen-Ferroelektreten (2010)
  14. Raytracing Modellierung eines Infrarot CO2-Sensors (2010)
  15. Flexible großflächige optische Positionsdetektoren als Computereingabegerät (2009)
  16. Dielektrische Elastomer Aktuatoren (2008)
  17. Flexible Materialien zur Druck- und Temperaturdetektion und deren Kombination mit flexiblen Transistoren (2007)
  18. Wellenlängen selektive Dünnschicht Infrarot-Emitter für die CO2-Messung (2007)
  19. Entwicklung eines hochfrequenten hydroakustischen Piezo-Viskosimeters für die Spurenanalyse flüssiger Lösungen (2006)
  20. Hochempfindliche Schwingquarze als Flüssigkeitssensoren (2005)
  21. Wellenlängenselektrive IR-Emitter und Absorber für die Gasanalyse (2005)
  22. Breitbandige dielektrische Resonanzspektroskopie an piezoelektrischen Polymeren (2004)
  23. Wellenlängenselektive IR-Emitter und Absorber für die Gasanalyse (2003)
  24. Charakterisierung und Modellierung der elektro-mechanischen und elektro-optischen Eigenschaften geladener, zellulärer Polymere (2002)
  25. Herstellung und Charakterisierung ultraschallfokusierender Elemente aus zellulären Piezoelektrika (2002)

Publicationtype: Rezension (SCI-Expanded-Journal)

  1. Sustainable materials: With both eyes open (Rezension) (2012)