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Toy-Brick Tensile Tester

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SoMaP presents a toy-brick based tabletop tensometer for research and education. ...  more of Toy-Brick Tensile Tester (Titel)

Radial Stretching System

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SoMaP presents a Open Source Project for academic and industrial research ...  more of Radial Stretching System (Titel)

ERC Grant 2012

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Camplus plan

Campus plan

You find us in the TNF tower 10th floor ...  more of Camplus plan (Titel)

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Research Projects

  Polymers for electronics, sensors, and photonics
  • Nonpolar polymers for packaging and miniaturized electret devices
  • Smart piezoelectric foams and hybrids
  • Ferroelectric polymers for sensors 
  • Ferroelectric polymer-ceramic nanocomposites
  • Nonlinear optical polymers for photonics 
  Charging and poling
  • Corona charging and poling 
  • Electrode poling 
  • Barrier discharges
  • Patterned poling 
  Experimental investigations
  • Dielectric spectroscopy in temperature, time, and frequency domain 
  • Pulsed electrothermal technique 
  • Electric field and dipole polarization depth profiling
  • Nonlinear capacitance dilatometry
  • Foaming of cellular polymers 
  • Measurement of nonlinear optical properties 
  • Plastic electronics: Memories, Sensors, Man-machine interfaces
  • Ultrasound trasmitter and receiver
  • Minimum energy elastomer actuators
  Open Source
  • Radial Stretching Systems for Academica and Industrial Research