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The Institute of Technical Mechanics is located in Science Park 1, 4th floor ...  more of Location (Titel)

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Mechanical Modelling of Contact Problems and Model Based Identification

MAGNA Powertrain ECS - Modelling and Paramter Identification for Special type of Joints in Automotive Structures
(KeyResearcher: Prof. Hans Irschik, Project Manager: Dipl. Ing. Dr. Wolfgang Witteveen)
Partner: MAGNA Powertrain ECS

Modellierung u. Identifikation von Steifigkeit und Dämpfung in Fugen-, Gleit- u. Rollkontaktverbindungen
(Project Manager: Ass.-Prof. DI Dr. Helmut Holl)
Partner: VAI

Improvement of the Dynamic Behaviour of Large Power Transformers
(KeyResearcher: Prof. Hans Irschik, Project Manager: Priv.-Doz. Johannes Gerstmayr)
Partner: Siemens Transformers Austria, DI Uwe Rimmele, Dr. Peter Hamberger