German as a Foreign Language B1

(10 ECTS, 8 hours)

Transition from simple to complex language, expansion of language knowledge to B1 level

Teaching Contents

  • Being able to understand main points of known topics (work, school, leisure time) when clear standard language is used
  • Being able to cope with situations which are encountered when travelling in areas where the language is spoken
  • Being able to make simple and cohesive statements about familiar topics of personal interest
  • Being able to report on experiences and events, describe dreams, hopes and aims, give reasons and explanations for plans and perspectives
  • Reinforcement of oral competence through discussions, short presentations, explanation of own viewpoints as well as reports on own experiences.

Grading Criteria
Regular attendance (minimum 80%), active participation in class, written homework, intermediate tests and final exam

Teaching Methods
Pair and group work, lecture, discussions, presentations, self-study

MENSCHEN B1 Course book, MENSCHEN B1 work book