German as a Foreign Language C1

(10 ECTS, 8 hours)

Preparation for level C1 of the European Framework as well as consolidation in reading, listening, writing, grammar, vocabulary and speaking

Teaching Contents

  • Writing: Summarising longer, more complex specialist texts; formal/informal correspondence with given guidelines; statements/explanations with reference to comments in texts; description, comparison and interpretation of statistics or pictures; correction of errors in texts
  • Speaking: (Short) Presentations, argumentation, discussions
  • Listening: Radio news, discussions with experts, listening texts (summarising)
  • Reading: News reports,special reports, commentaries, leading articles etc from the German language press, literary texts

Particular characteristics of modal verbs; direct and indirect speech/direct and indirect quotations; two part connectors; verbal and noun structures; noun/verb connection; adjective declension; sentence structure: consecutive, modal and causal connections; gerund sentences

Grading Criteria
Regular attendance (minimum 80%), active participation in class, homework, class exercises, tests, final oral exam

Teaching Methods
Pair and group work, lecture, discussions, presentations, self-study

SICHER!, Deutsch als Fremdsprache C1.1, C1.2