Grammar B2

(3 ECTS, 2 hours)

Practice and reinforcement of selected grammatical structures

Teaching Contents

  • Passive: Passive voice (present, perfect and imperfect tenses with modal verbs); alternatives to the passive (lassen + sich + infinitive; sein + zu + infinitive; adjectives with the suffix -bar, -abel, -lich)
  • Noun-Verb connections
  • Temporal sentences
  • Two-part conjunctions
  • Reflexive verbs
  • Verbs + prepositions; prepositional adverbs (da); questions with wo + prepositions or prepositions + question words
  • Perfect forms used as adjectives
  • Adjectives/Nouns + Prepositions
  • Conjunctive II Present und Past (wenn…, dann…, als ob, als)
  • Sentence structure (word order in the main sentence; position of dative and accusative object; TE-KA-MO-LO, position of nicht, verb position in main and additional sentences)

Grading Criteria
Regular attendance (minimum 80%), active participation in class, intermediate tests and final exam

Teaching Methods
Pair and group work, lecture, self-study