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German as a Foreign Language - Intermediate Course I, exit level A2.2 (6 ECTS, 6 hours)

Course Objectives:
Continued development of fundamental competences based on the course book Menschen (Hueber Verlag) A 2.1 (chapters 9-12) and A 2.2 (chapters 13-24).
Transition from elementary to independent language use.

Objectives for Communication Skills:
• Reading and listening comprehension training: interviews, newspaper articles, reports, nonfiction, user manuals, commentaries, etc.
• Continued development of everyday communication: expressing one's own opinion, reporting or explaining things, discussing films and books, making presentations, speaking persuasively, talking about habits, communicating interest or lack thereof, etc.
• Continued development of writing skills: nonfiction, personal letters, directions, commentaries and brief reports
• Word fields (to choose from): post, media, weather, the internet, travel and traffic, books, the press, in a hotel, events, mobility.

• Conjunctions
• Clauses
• Relative pronouns and clauses
• The passive voice
• Indirect questions
• Perfect vs. simple past
• Prepositions
• Reflexive verbs
• Declination of adjectives
• Verbs with the dative and accusative
• Simple past of modal verbs

Assessment criteria:
Regular class attendance, active participation, written homework, mid-term test(s), final test.