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(1 ECTS, 1 hour)

This course deals with various aspects of German phonetics and meets 14 x 45 minutes or 7 x 90 minutes to focus on the following topics:

• Syllables and word emphasis in German
• Sentence emphasis and pauses
• The sounds used in the German language
• Special emphasis on individual sounds commonly found to be difficult (umlauts, e-sounds, ch, consonantal and vocal R, etc.)
• Regional variants; upper Austrian dialect

During the course, students have the opportunity to work on or become acquainted with pronunciation rules with a special focus on the aforementioned topics, and to practice pronunciation in various social contexts (individually, with partners, in small groups, and as a class).

They receive worksheets with the following types of audio and written texts:
• Pronunciation exercises (for review in class)
• Texts geared towards pronunciation training
• Myriad authentic texts (stories, poems, rhymes, dialogues, songs, riddles...)