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Text Production II, exit level B1 (2 ECTS, 2 hours)

Course Objectives:
Transition from simple language proficiency to more complex and varied expression, standard and colloquial speech, complex topics, increasingly independent work and group activities.

Objectives for Communication Skills:
• Comprehension of complex texts on both concrete and abstract topics
• Discussion of one's own specialty
• Fluent speech and spontaneous language use
• Production of clear and detailed texts about a variety of topics
• Expressing advantages and disadvantages of different opinions
• Reading and understanding examples of contemporary literary texts
• Presenting topics of debate and discussing various viewpoints
• Writing essays and reports, transmitting information, establishing one's position for or against certain positions
• Writing texts emphasizing the personal significance of events and experiences

• Infinitive constructions
• Syntax in main and subordinate clauses
• Linking words and phrases
• Special cases of negation
• Present subjunctive
• Indefinite pronouns
• Prepositional objects
• Adjectives and verbs with prepositions
• Word composition: prefixes, verbs with prefixes

Assessment criteria:
Regular class attendance, active participation, written homework, mid-term and final exams, mini-presentations