Study Trip to India.

Von 8. bis 20. Februar 2019

The tour will take us to places of Sr. Lucy Kurien and her organization MAHER („Mothers´ Home“) for women in distress, street children, elderly people, awareness projects, village development, etc.

We will draw and paint, sing, dance and live together with mentally disturbed women, orphan children and elderlies at Vatsalyadham near Pune in the state of Maharashtra. We will also get to know the fascinating culture and landscape of South India in the state of Kerala and visit MAHER´s children´s home Snehabhavan. With a traditional wooden house boat we will explore the famous backwaters.

We will also meet Indian business people and professionals and visit Ness Wadia College of Commerce in Pune. Visiting Mumbai, Pune and Kochi will give us an insight into three of India´s most interesting cities. Above all we will share Indian joy of life at markets, in villages and in many encounters with people.

Study Trip to India

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Dr. Wolfgang Schwaiger



This trip is organized by Dr. Schwaiger.
JKU is not responsible or liable for anything related to this trip.