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Transmission Electron Microscopy

Beschreibung: Zwei Transmissionselektronenmikroskope (Jeol JEM-2200FS und Jeol JEM-2011) stehen im Zentrum für Oberflächen- und Nanoanalytik (ZONA) allen interessierten Instituten für Analysen von verschiedensten Materialsystemen und Experimenten zur Verfügung.


Jeol JEM- 2200FS
The Jeol JEM-2200FS is the new high performance TEM of ZONA. It is in operation since April 2015 and was financed by a HRSM-Cooperation Project of the JKU, ZONA and the TU Graz, FELMI-ZFE with support of the voestalpine AG and the state of Upper Austria . The microscope is equipped with a FEG and can be operated at 80 and 200 kV. A scanning device allows the operation of the microscope in scanning mode (STEM). The specialty of the JEM-2200FS is its in-column energy filter (Omega-Filter), which allows electron energy loss spectroscopy and energy spectral imaging for element analysis. This is also possible with the available 80mm² EDXS-detector from Oxford. All analytical experiments can be done in STEM mode, which allow point, line and areal scans. For image acquisition a 4kx4k TVIPS camera for imaging and diffraction pattern (TEM-mode) and two STEM-detectors (bright field and high angle annular darkfield ) are available.

Jeol JEM-2011
The Jeol JEM-2011 TEM is a high-resolution instrument equipped with a LaB6 filament and can be operated in the range of 80-200 kV. It has a five axis control side-entry goniometer which allows tilting from –30 to +30 degrees. For chemical element analysis, an OXFORD EDXS-System is attached. Images are taken with a Gatan Slow-Scan CCD Camera Model. The instrument is well suited for conventional TEM imaging and diffraction experiments.