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Basic Course I (exit level A1.2) 6 ECTS

Sorry, this page is currently not available in English. Below you will find the contents in German.

Beschreibung: German as a Foreign Language – Basic Course I (exit level A1.2) 6 ECTS

Course Objectives:
Initial development of all four skills (reading, listening speaking, writing) based on the course book „Menschen“ A 1.1 (chapters 1 – 12) and „Menschen“ A 1.2 (chapters 13 – 16).

Objectives for Communication Skills:
• Understanding everyday speech
• Expressing personal needs
• Introducing oneself and others
• Requesting and understanding information about a person
• Using and understanding simple vocabulary on everyday life and shopping
• Filling in simple forms on personal data
• Writing and answering simple messages
• Asking and giving the time
• Speaking about hobbies and favourite activities
• Making appointments
• Speaking about past events
• Basic communication and small talk

Simple sentence structures (positive sentences and questions); prepositions (place and time); personal and possessive pronouns; predicative adjectives; modal verbs (möchten, können, mögen); present and past tense of important verbs; ordinal numbers; plural; nominative, dative, accusative; simple connecting words (und, aber, oder, etc.); simple adverbs (doch, etc.)

Assessment criteria:
Regular class attendance, active participation, written homework, written and/or oral tests.