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Intermediate Course II (exit level B1)

Sorry, this page is currently not available in English. Below you will find the contents in German.

Beschreibung: German as a Foreign Language – Intermediate Course II (exit level B1) 6 ECTS

Course Objectives:
Continued development of fundamental competences based on the course book "Menschen" (Hueber Verlag) B 1.1 (chapters 1-12) and B 1.2 (chapters 13-16).Transitioning from simple to more complex communication, standard vs. colloquial language, a wide variety of topics, independent work and group activities.

Objectives for Communication Skills:
• Understanding complex texts
• Training fluent and spontaneous language use
• Production of coherent and accurate (semi-)formal texts on various topics (describing and reporting)
• Being able to discuss advantages and disadvantages
• Presenting and discussing different points of view
• Being able to express and recount one's own experiences

• Infinitive constructions
• Sentence structure in main and subordinate clauses
• Connecting words and phrases
• The past subjunctive
• Designations of time and place
• Verbs with prepositions
• The passive voice
• Declinations of adjectives

Assessment criteria:
Regular class attendance, active participation, written homework, written tests, presentations.