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Advanced Course I (exit level B2)

Sorry, this page is currently not available in English. Below you will find the contents in German.

Beschreibung: German as a Foreign Language – Advanced Course I (exit level B2) 6 ECTS

Course Objectives:
This is a general language course that should bring students to the B2 level and train all skills (reading, listening speaking, writing, grammar, vocabulary).
Participants should gain the ability to produce longer complex texts, both spoken and written, whereby emphasis is placed on fluency, spontaneity and accuracy.

Objectives for Communication Skills:
• Composition and delivery of oral presentations, as well as summarizing current long-form articles from the press
• Detailed description and commentary of statistics
• Describing, commenting on and forming opinions of images relevant to a concrete problem
• Representing one's own perspective with well-founded argumentation
• Proficiency in presentation and moderation techniques

• Practise and review of individual advanced grammar chapters as needed (e.g. complex sentences with the passive voice, present / past participles as adjectives, indirect discourse, nominalization, syntax)

Assessment criteria:
Regular class attendance, active participation, written homework, written tests, final exam, presentations / summaries (see above)