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Basic Course II, A2.1

Beschreibung: German as a Foreign Language – Basic Course II (A2.1) 6 ECTS, 6 hrs per week

Course Objectives:
Development of all four skills (reading, listening speaking, writing) based on the course book „Menschen“ A 1.2 (chapters 17 – 24) and „Menschen“ A 2.1 (chapters 1 – 9).
Objectives for Communication Skills:
• Describing a person
• The human body and health: the parts of the body, illnesses, a doctor’s appointment, accidents, at the hospital
• The home: moving house, furnishing and decorating a room, housework
• Rules and prohibitions
• Making comparisons
• The weather
• Travel (to cities and countries/regions): describing landscapes, reading advertisements
• Expressing preferences and wishes, writing postcards
• Planning a weekend, organising a city tour, visiting a friend
• Events: making suggestions, making appointments, accepting/refusing an offer, making agreements
• Holidays and celebrations: congratulations, presents; family and childhood memories
• Shopping: food and drinks; dialogues in a shop (groceries, fruit and vegetables etc.)
• At the coffeehouse: ordering food and drinks (expressing preferences); sports
• Work: career aspirations, plans
• Perfect tense, past tense of “haben” and “sein”
• Modal verbs (e.g. “werden”)
• Imperative; Conjunctive II (könnte, sollte, würde); expressing wishes
• Prepositions (mit, ohne); changing prepositions with dative and accusative; prepositions of time
• Nominative and accusative of personal pronouns
• Possessives: nominative, dative, accusative
• Comparisons (comparative and superlative)
• Declinations of adjectives (nominative, dative, accusative)
• Articles (definite, indefinite, no article)
• Conjunctions (denn, weil, deshalb)
• Ordinal numbers
Assessment criteria:
Regular class attendance, active participation, written homework, mid-term test(s), final test, oral exam.est, mündliche Prüfung.