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Text Production III, B2

Beschreibung: German as a Foreign Language – Text Production III (B2) 2 ECTS, 2 hrs per week

Course Objectives:
This course is primarily intended as a preparation for the German Ergänzungsprüfung (EPD, Level B2+), and should contribute to improvements in written language skills with special consideration of individual criteria such as sentence construction, vocabulary, grammatical correctness, etc.
Objectives for Communication Skills:
• Speed reading exercises : the ability to read and reproduce the most important points of a text in one's own words
• Text composition as well as specific exercises in the production of various text types: commentary of pictures, texts and statistics, summaries, letters, etc. as needed
• Mistake analysis
• Review of selected chapters of German grammar as needed or requested
Assessment criteria:
Regular class attendance, active participation, homework, midterm test, final exam(similar to the EPD)