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Knowledge Management Fundamentals


  • U-Theory (future-oriented profound Learning): Sensing, Presencing, Realizing
  • Knowledge Creation
  • Collective Intelligence
  • Collective and organizational Learning, Team-Learning
  • Design of learning-spaces (content management and Implementation)
  • Method trials and -reflections
  • Dialog
  • Mental Models
  • Creativity
  • Innovation


  • Regular meetings every month (~4 h)
  • Dialog, valuing communication
  • Application of theories by group (members) – self-reflective work
  • High share of reflection

How we see ourselves:

  • as a think tank
  • as a source of inspiration and energy
  • as a container for fundamental learning processes we experience enthusiastically
  • as a continuous perturbation
  • as mediation exercise and laboratory for Development
  • as a local platform and innovation space in a prestigious environment

How we can create our future:

We want to create an interplay between deep finding (sensing and presencing) and realizing emergent ideas (realizing) in our common work. Implementations can also take place in sub-groups or other working groups (cf. function as a think tank), aiming for a return of experience gained from the implementations.