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Individualization of Learning Processes

Continuous acquisition of knowledge is a life-determining factor today. Not only the institutionalized use of knowledge in schools, vocational preparation and -training, but rather the individualization of learning projects is considered relevant, in particular, how people are capable to learn successfully and continuously.

The working group is composed of learning-affine professional practitioners and educators, who themselves have set the goal of developing formats and methods for individualized knowledge acquisition. Specifically, the following approaches and topics are discussed:

  • Project-based Learning
  • Individual responsibility
  • Planning of individual learning steps
  • Support of individualization of learning (annotation, networking, didactization etc.)
  • Inquiry-based learning
  • Informal Learning
  • Presentation and Communication (Active Listening, rephrasing)
  • Language as ‚carrier ‘
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Systemic issues

In addition to case studies and professional experiences, materials, procedures, and resources are reviewed and designed. The intention is to help individuals to identify, according to their style of learning, content and concrete structures to absorb knowledge and make use of them in a meaningful way. Of particular importance are digital media and digital learning support, since they are the carrier of information and have the potential to support the acquisition process.