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Welcome to the website of the Department of International Management!

Our department deals with current topics in international management and business research. We are interested in how people work together in international environments and different cultures as well as how international workers and migrants are integrated in organisations. We aim to showcase how international management functions in cross cultural environments and how organisations are impacted by current phenomena, such as integrating migrant workers and the need for a more sustainable management.

We cooperate with several Universities in e.g. Austria, Finland and Canada. Our main research and teaching topics include comparative management research, multicultural teams, migrants and international professionals in organisations, integration at the workplace, humour at the workplace and cross cultural management.

We are a multicultural team, bringing a lot of scientific and practical experience from international environments in Europe, Canada and beyond and we are looking forward to welcoming you at our department!


“A scholar’s quest often requires sojourns in locales and communities of practice that can inspire and ignite us to challenge, stretch and enrich our ways of thinking. JKU has been that place for me since the late 1990s – I consider my visits to JKU an 'intellectual pilgrimage'. JKU has been a critical part of my journey and I’ve grown as a researcher and teacher because of my time here. I’m delighted to be a part of JKU’s extended community.”
-Prof. A. R. Elangovan
3M National Teaching Fellow Director, International Programs Gustavson School of Business University of Victoria Canada

“I would not want to miss my international research collaboration with colleagues at JKU. Together we explore fundamental questions about student learning in multinational teams and international business context. The research is relevant, applied, practical, and above all fascinating and engaging. Our collaboration across countries is intellectually stimulating and enriching. I have very fond memories of teaching at JKU, where the students are engaged and committed to their own learning. It has been a real pleasure teaching in this context.“
-Tine Köhler, PhD, Senior Lecturer in International Management, University of Melbourne, Australia

“I have been visiting JKU every year for more than five years, and always look forward to it. A vibrant community of scholars, great students, and interesting discussions. I am particularly impressed with the faculty's close relationships with the local business community.“
-Prof. Kristiina Mäkelä International Business, Vice-Dean Aalto University School of Business, Helsinki

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Institut für Internationales Management


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