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The History of the Kepler Society.

One Service Center, Countless Opportunities.


The association FORUM Studium & Beruf was created in November 1999 to provide student support services after graduation and when pursuing a professional career, to improve job placement services, and to maintain and foster contact between the JKU and its graduates. The association's services ranged from opening a Career Advising Center to creating a JobNET database, and organizing an Alumni Association.


2001, the association is re-named Kepler Society.


The campus Career Center opens in the Fall of 2004.


The Kepler Society organizes the first annual JKU Career Day in the Keplergebäude Bldg. on the JKU campus. 


In 2010, the Kepler Society institutions became a part of the university's organization as JKU Alumni and Career Services. The Society's 10th anniversary celebration took place on the JKU campus and featured a golf tournament.


The Kepler Society celebrated its 5,000 alumni association member. 


The JKU Alumni Bar opens.


A new mentoring program for JKU students called "Go Ahead" kicks off, helping JKU students start their professional careers.


The alumni association celebrates its15th anniversary during the annual Kepler Society's "New Years Reception".


Grand opening of "Entrepreneur.Base" in October 2016, embedded in the Kepler Society's network in the Bank Building.


In May 2017 the new start-up event Step>One kicked off in the JKU Ceremony Room.


In cooperation with Dr. Max Eiselsberg, the "Internship-Challenge. The Summer of your Life" program provided students at the SOWI faculty with exciting, high-quality summer internships.


The Kepler Society celebrates its 20th anniversary. 


The Kepler Society is renamed and now called the JKU Alumni Club and the JKU Alumni Career Center Ltd.. In addition, there is a change in the board of directors in that after over 17 years at the helm, Dr. Gerhard Stürmer handed over the chairmanship to JKU alumnus Mag. Dr. Michael Strugl MBA.