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New Location in the Fall: Study Artificial Intelligence Remotely in Bregenz! New Location in the Fall: Study Artificial Intelligence Remotely in Bregenz!

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News 15.04.2021

Quantum Cryptography: A New Method for Tap-Proof Communications

Present-day society has been built on the virtual exchange of information. When it comes to ensuring truly secure communications, quantum technology based on quantum light looks very promising.

News 12.04.2021

Molecular Stamp for Plastics

A patent has now been granted in the USA for a molecular stamp developed by chemists at the JKU.

News 12.04.2021

Do Computers Always Perform Correct Calculations?

An increasing number of circuits on increasingly smaller and smaller surfaces - can we really rely on our computers?

„I decided to study physics at the JKU so I could acquire a solid, hands-on base-knowledge education that can be immediately applied to solve current issues facing research and industry.“
Wolfgang Schlögelhofer, BSc
Graduate Student in Technical Physics


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