JKU Coronavirus Update on December 21 JKU Coronavirus Update on December 21

Rector Meinhard Lukas, microbiologist Michael Wagner, and psychologist Christoph Helm talk about "School during the Pandemic and the Pandemic during School".


JKU Covid-19 Case Count Reported Number of Covid-19 Cases at the JKU.

Student and employee Covid-19 case count.

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Remote Learning and No Foot-Traffic on Campus

Current Safety Protocols to Combat the Coronavirus at the JKU.

Updated precautionary protocols to combat the pandemic.

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The JKU Mourns the Loss of Prof. Wolfgang Schlöglmann

Professor of Didactics Passes Away at age 77.

News 15.01.2021

Awards for Business Publications

The Institute of Economics covered a wide range of topics in 2020. The most outstanding papers were presented with awards.

News 13.01.2021

Close Encounters with Viruses: New Technology Aims to Make Europe a Superpower in Microscopy

Advanced microscopy methods focus on the nanometer range (1 nm = 1 millionth of a millimeter). As a comparison, a virus is between 30 and 50 nanometers in size.

News 11.01.2021

New Model to Predict the Progression of Covid-19 Could Ease Healthcare System Burden

A new mathematical model aims at reliably identifying patients who are at a lower risk of deterioration due to Covid-19.

News 07.01.2021

The New Faces at the TN Faculty

The Faculty of Engineering & Natural Sciences is pleased to welcome eleven new professors to the JKU. Today we spoke with Michael Krommer.

„For me, the JKU is not only a place to meet new people and grow as a person, but also strengthen new friendships, and develop one’s personality.“
Ulrike Strixner
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