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News 11.12.2019

LIT OIC Would Like to Introduce: Greiner Technology & Innovation

Greiner AG is a world leader in plastic and foam solutions – and is located in the LIT OIC.

News 10.12.2019

The JKU and IST Austria Thrilled to Create a Local ELLIS Network

The Institute for Machine Learning and the LIT AI Lab (JKU) as well as the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria) in Lower Austria have been selected as two Austrian research institutions to become an ELLIS location.

News 10.12.2019

Behind the Scenes

The JKU Mensa serves over 2,500 meals daily. And who makes sure that operations run smoothly? Take a look!

News 06.12.2019

Nobel Explained: The Body, Cells and Oxygen

The topic of who received this year’s Nobel Prize for Medicine and why was the subject of the session of "Nobel erklärt" organized by the JKU and the Kronen Zeitung.

„What I love about the JKU most? The campus is both a place to study and to enjoy free time. The relaxing atmosphere encourages impromptu meetings with friends and relieves the study stress!“
Christina Lehner
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