Online Info Session - Master's in Leading Innovative Organizations. Online Info Session - Master's in Leading Innovative Organizations.

March 1: Learn More About the JKU Business School's Fast-Track Master's Degree Program.

Bachelor's in International Business Administration BA International Business Administration

Globally Linked Cycles. Worldwide Contacts. A Degree to Kick-Start Your International Career.

JKU Welcome Day for New Students. JKU Welcome Day for New Students.

Get to know the JKU campus better and meet fellow students on March 10, 2021.
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Choose Your Major. Choose Your Major.

You want to study but don't know exactly what? Our tips for choosing a major.

JKU Covid-19 Case Count Reported Number of Covid-19 Cases at the JKU.

Student and employee Covid-19 case count.
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Space To Choose Your Major.

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Remote Learning and No Foot-Traffic on Campus

Current Safety Protocols to Combat the Coronavirus at the JKU.

Updated precautionary protocols to combat the pandemic.

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Important Dates & Deadlines

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New Academic Degree Programs at the JKU.

More opportunities in Business, Engineering, and Law.


The JKU Mourns the Loss of em.Prof. Hajo Riese

A leading exponent of postwar Keynesianism has passed away.

News 24.02.2021

Hello, JKU! The New Professors at the SOWI Faculty

Christoph Helm starts his new position at the JKU today as a newly appointed professor for education.

News 24.02.2021

Eat to be Smart – A New Book about Nutrition and the Brain

Can dementia really be prevented? In part. A new book by JKU neuroscientist Manuela Macedonia reveals how.

News 24.02.2021

Medical Degree Programs: Online Registration for the Admissions Procedures begins on March 1.

Online registration for a spot in the medical degree programs (human medicine and dentistry) beginning this fall is expected to open on March 1, 2021, at:

News 23.02.2021

Hello, JKU! The New Professors at the SOWI Faculty

Barbara Krumay is one of the new faces at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics & Business.

„For me, the advantages of being in a larger city like Linz but still enjoying the outdoors, plus the extensive range of courses in natural sciences is what makes the JKU the perfect place to study.“
Magdalena Freudenthaler
Graduate of Teacher Education Studies in Math and Physics


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