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University Orchestra Celebrates 40 Years

Anniversary Concert on November 21.

News 14.11.2019

32nd Coding Contest Broke All Records

The most recent Catalysts Coding Contest took place in 37 cities, including Linz. Over 4,200 programmers took part.

News 13.11.2019

Computer Scientist Karl Hoffelner - One of the First Pioneers

For 50 years now, students in Austria have been able to select Computer Science as a major. More precisely: at the JKU. Karl Hoffelner was one of the very first students.

News 12.11.2019

Third ‘tim’ Location at the JKU

Tram passengers can take advantage of tim hubs and combine travel by public transportation with (e-)car-sharing vehicles and rental car services.

News 11.11.2019

50 Years of Computer Science at the JKU – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

The moon landing, Woodstock, Vietnam War protests - 1969 was a memorable and defining year that changed the world in many ways. The Concorde jet broke the sound barrier and Harvard researchers succeeded in isolating a single gene. At UCLA, a small group of students and researchers sent a message between two networked computers, underpinning the Internet with a network known as ARPANET. 1969 also saw the birth of computer science studies in Austria - at the newly established "Linzer Hochschule für Sozial und Wirtschaftswissenschaften", today’s Johannes Kepler University.

„What I love about the JKU most? The campus is both a place to study and to enjoy free time. The relaxing atmosphere encourages impromptu meetings with friends and relieves the study stress!“
Christina Lehner
Bachelor's Degree Program
Business Administration


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