Overview of Types of Academic Degree Programs.

The JKU offers over 70 modern academic degree programs that are consistently revised and updated. As there are many choices, choosing a major is sometimes not all that easy to do. We have created a comprehensive overview of all of our academic degree programs so you can find the program that best suits your talents and interests.

Here you will find a list of all of the Bachelor's, Diploma, Master's and Doctorate degree programs offered at the Johannes Kepler University Linz. Detailed information about the programs, as well as the admission requirements, special requirements according to the curriculum, and separate admission examinations are available on the corresponding study information pages.


Academic Degree Programs Bachelor's Degree Programs Master's Degree Programs Doctorate/PhD Programs
Artificial Intelligence Bachelor's Degree Master's Degree  

Business Administration

Bachelor's Degree    


Bachelor's Degree    

Biological Chemistry

Bachelor's Degree Master's Degree  


  Master's Degree  

Business & Economics

Bachelor's Degree  


Business Education

  Diploma Degree  

Business Informatics

Bachelor's Degree Master's Degree  

Business Law

Bachelor's Degree    
Chemistry and Chemical Technology (CCT) Bachelor's Degree Master's Degree  

Civic Studies

  Master's Degree  

Cultural Studies

Bachelor's Degree    

Comparative Social Policy and Welfare

  Master's Degree  

Computer Mathematics

  Master's Degree  

Computer Science

See Informatics Master's Degree  

Digital Business Management



  Master's Degree  
Economic and Business Analytics   Master's Degree  

Electronics and Information Technology (formerly Information Electronics)

Bachelor's Degree Master's Degree  

Finance and Accounting

  Master's Degree  
Fundamentals of Natural Sciences for Technology (NaSciTec) Bachelor's Degree    

General Management Double Degree ESC Troyes - JKU Linz


Master's Degree


General Management Double Degree STUST Tainan - JKU Linz


Master's Degree


Global Business Canada/Taiwan

  Master's Degree  

Global Business Russia/Italy

  Master's Degree  
Global Business Canada/Peru   Master's Degree  

Human Medicine

Bachelor's Degree Master's Degree  

Humanities and Cultural Sciences

    Doctorate Degree

Industrial Mathematics

  Master's Degree  


Bachelor's Degree See: Computer Science  


  Diploma Degree Doctorate Degree
Leading Innovative Organizations   Master's Degree  

Legal and Business Aspects in Technics

  Master's Degree  
Management   Master's Degree  

Management in Chemical Technologies

  Master's Degree  

Management in Polymer Technologies

  Master's Degree  

Mathematics in Natural/Life Sciences

  Master's Degree  

Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor's Degree Master's Degree (Starts 2023/24)  


Bachelor's Degree Master's Degree  
Medical Engineering  Bachelor's Degree    

Molecular Biology

See: Molecular BioSciences Master's Degree  

Molecular BioSciences

Bachelor's Degree See: Molecular Biology  

Nanoscience and  Technology

  Master's Degree  

Natural/Life Sciences

    Doctorate Degree

PhD Program in Economics

    Doctorate Degree

Polymer Engineering Technologies

Bachelor's Degree    
Psychology (with specialization in Technology and Business)   Master's Degree  

Polymer Chemistry

  Master's Degree  

Polymer Technologies and Science

  Master's Degree  

Social Economics

Bachelor's Degree Master's Degree  


Bachelor's Degree Master's Degree  


Bachelor's Degree Master's Degree  

Tax Law and Tax Management

  Master's Degree  

Teacher Education Studies Secondary Level (General Education)

Bachelor's Degree Master's Degree (Starts 2020/21) Doctorate Degree

Technical Mathematics

Bachelor's Degree    

Technical Physics

Bachelor's Degree Master's Degree  

Technical Sciences

    Doctorate Degree

Various Program Overviews


Degree Programs with an Admissions Procedure


Types of Degree Programs

If you take a closer look at the academic degree programs we offer, you will notice that university-level education follows a defined educational structure. The most common is the: Bachelor - Master's - Doctorate / Ph.D. system. Only a few majors conclude with a Diploma degree and the ensuing Doctorate / PhD program.


Three-Level Study Structure

  1. The Bachelor's degree programs form the basis of the three-level Bachelor's - Master's - Doctorate/PhD system. Generally, an undergraduate degree can be completed in 6 semesters and concludes with earning the academic degree "Bachelor of Arts" or "Bachelor of Science" in a specified major.

  2. The Master's degree programs are the next level of academic education.  Graduate degrees usually take 4 semesters to complete and graduates earn the academic degree "Master of Arts" or "Master of Science", for example. A Diploma degree program is approximately 8 to 9 semesters.  Students who complete a Diploma degree program earn the academic title "Magister" / "Magistra" or "Diplom-Ingenieur".

  3. Graduates of both a Master's degree program or Diploma degree program can enroll in a doctorate degree program. A doctorate/PhD degree usually takes about 6 semesters to complete. Doctoral candidates then earn the highest academic degree: "Doctor" or "PhD".

Additional Educational Opportunities.

Graduate/Personal Development Programs

Multimedia/Distance Learning

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ECTS Credits Give You Mobility and Flexibility

The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) measures and compares learning/studying accomplishments within Europe and helps students easily transfer credits from one institution to another. Good to know: One ECTS credit is equal to 25 to 30 working hours per semester.


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