Master's Degree in Management.

Big players in the field of management are successful on both a global and digital scale. We prepare you for the kind of professional career you envision. You decide what you want to do - become a leader in marketing, creating corporate strategies, or in executive management and change management.

As a manager, do you want to create innovative business solutions and marketing strategies? Do you want to develop future-oriented strategies for human resource management? Do you want to successfully shape the digital transformation? The JKU Master's degree in Management lets you shine in each of these areas and lead companies to success.

Students are well educated in the area of core business management and also simultaneously focus on a selected field of specialization (Competence Areas) :

Key Facts


Master of Science (MSc)


4 Semesters


120 Credits


English (Level C1)





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Why This Degree is Particularly Attractive

  • This academic degree program provides a sound foundation to begin your professional management career. You will develop the skills and abilities that are indispensable as a "manager of tomorrow": State-of-the-art professional expertise, a strong background in digitalization, and business savvy personal and social skills.
  • In addition, your studies will include active involvement in a comprehensive, interdisciplinary hands-on business project, using your academic background to address real-world business issues that top regional companies are currently facing.
  • The "digital transformation" aspect of the program gives you a competitive edge: You not only acquire solid background expertise in digitalization, you also learn how to apply it effectively to your selected "Competence Area".
  • You will graduate from an international, English-language academic degree program offered in a top economic region in Upper Austria. Students also have the option to take part in a semester abroad program.

Why you should earn a Master's degree in Management

Management students are familiar with the 5 P's of marketing: "Product, Price, Promotion, Place & People". Have you ever heard about the "5 P's of the JKU"? Prospect, Place, Program, People & Pleasure?  Prof. Christoph Teller and program manager Manuela Sofia Breuer talk about why you should trust in them when choosing a degree program and why the JKU offers a perfect combination of the 5 P's.


Program Management

Are you interested in the Master's degree program in Management? You are welcome to make an appointment for an individual consultation. Please contact:

Mag.a Manuela Sofia Breuer

Program Director

Univ. Prof. Dr. Christoph Teller
Management Center, 2. floor, room 205A
Phone +43 732 2468 7025

Mag.a Manuela Sofia Breuer

+43 732 2468 7968

Management Center,
3rd Floor, Room MZ 307B

Areas of Specialization

Students are well educated in the area of core business management and also simultaneously focus on a selected field of specialization (Competence Areas):

Marketing and Global Marketing in a Digital World

Marketing is the key interface between a company and its customers. This "Competence Area" provides deeper insight into key areas such as

  • Global Marketing
  • Global Marketing Communication and Social Media
  • Business-to-Business Marketing
  • Marketing Tools, Relationship Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing projects with business practices
  • Click here for detailed information

Strategic and International Management in a Digital World 

In the future, top-level management will include a stronger understanding of strategic and international management due to increased competition, higher levels of complexity, international aspects, and market dynamics. This "Competence Area" provides deeper insight into

  • Developing strategies (especially for dynamic and complex environments)
  • Creating future scenarios
  • Creating and understanding innovative business models (particularly with regard to digitalization and the circular economy)
  • Addressing processes and challenges at international companies (internationalization strategies, dealing with the phenomena of globalization, forms of international collaboration, working effectively as a part of a multicultural and/or virtual team)
  • Planning and implementing interdisciplinary strategy business projects
  • Click here for detailed information

Digital Transformation: Leadership, Human Resource Management, and Change

Digitization and globalization are driving the dynamics of business in all areas. Constant change means managers are often faced with new, complex challenges. Learn how companies can be organized in ways that allow them to learn and change. You will focus on areas such as

  • Organizational Learning
  • Organizational Skills
  • Management's role in shaping human resources and corporate management
  • Individual (Leadership) Skills
  • Ability to work effectively as part of a team
  • Click here for detailed information

The Target Group

The Master's degree program in Management is aimed primarily at graduates from the following undergraduate degree programs at the JKU:

as well as graduates from other undergraduate business degree programs at other universities in Austria or abroad, or graduates from universities of applied sciences.

Student Testimonials

We warmly welcome international students! Thuy is from Vietnam and Paillin is from Thailand. They are close to completing the graduate degree program in Management at the JKU. Let them tell you a little bit about what they enjoy most about it here.


What You Will Learn in the Program

In addition to key core aspects in business management, students become experts in the field of digitalization. Students also hone personal and intercultural skills while focusing intensively on a business elective field of choice (Competence Area). In detail:

General Management Skills

You will acquire general management skills in the areas of management and marketing, organization, human resource management, managerial and financial accounting and corporate finance.


You will learn how technology can support business processes, how data can generate information to help make strategic decisions, and how digital technologies can be used to develop "business value".

Personal and Intercultural Skills

Interactively hone your negotiation skills as well as your presentation and moderation techniques. Understand group dynamics and team development as well as how to communicate and work effectively as part of an intercultural team.

Competence Area: Marketing and Global Marketing in a Digital World

You will learn how proven marketing methods and innovative digitalization approaches are linked. Your goal is to develop the most efficient and effective marketing concepts and put them into practice in the consumer goods markets as well as in business-to-business and international markets.

Your state-of-the-art expertise will allow you to interactively implement marketing project approaches to support real-world marketing solutions.

Competence Area: Strategic and International Management in a Digital World

You not only focus on the challenges facing (inter)national management, you will analyze and develop strategies to successfully navigate complex dynamic environments (such as creating future scenarios).

By studying globally innovative business models featuring aspects of digitization, openness and circular economy, you will conduct research as to why companies become international, explore the opportunities and risks when entering international markets, and ascertain the challenges of globalization (such as climate protection and sustainability).

At the same time, you will acquire a deeper understanding of human resource management issues (such as Digital Immigrants vs. Digital Natives) and learn more in-depth about international and virtual collaboration (you can experience the challenges of virtual collaboration as part of an international simulation study).

In addition, you will work together with a top, local company to play an active role as part of a comprehensive and interdisciplinary hands-on project to analyze complex strategic issues and develop strategic options.

Competence Area: Digital Transformation -
Leadership, Human Resource Management and Change

You will strengthen your strategic thinking skills along with related concepts and deepen your basic understanding of management processes in order to successfully develop organizations. Learn more about the complex behaviors that influence individuals, groups and organizations. You will also learn how to shape your knowledge on these levels.

Aside from acquiring expertise in human resource management and designing human resource systems, you will learn about practical approaches to support both human resource development and company development

You will also fine-tune your understanding of leadership, learning exactly what leadership development is all about.

Your Career Prospects

Graduates of the Master's degree program in Management not only study base-knowledge theory in management along with a focus on digitalization, they also become experts in a competence area. Program graduates are highly sought-after in many areas of industry and business:

  • Marketing: Experts in (international) marketing are in high demand all over the world as well as in an export country such as Austria. Your education qualifies you to pursue a career in
    • Marketing Consumer Goods: Strategic Marketing, Product Management, Marketing Communications
    • Business-to-Business Marketing: Strategic Marketing, Business Development, Key Account Management
    • International Marketing: International Marketing Management, International Business Development, International Product/Brand Management
  • Management (or Assistant Management positions): Program graduates are qualified for a variety of management positions (such as strategy development, sales and key account managment, project management) at Austrian companies or at internationally active companies, at corporate headquarters, or at internationally based subsidiaries. As an early career professional, you are well prepared for assistant management positions, such as an executive assistant, preparing information and concepts to make and shape strategic decisions or develop future scenarios.
  • Business Consulting: As a management consultant, you analyze trends and challenges for business or entire industries. Based on your analyses, you create new strategic options and business models. At the same time, you support companies as they internally implement these strategies.
  • Start Your Own Company: Be your own boss! This program is ideal to prepare you for the demands young entrepreneurs face in today's business world.
„In our MSc Management we develop students to be critical, evidence-based practitioners, and leaders of tomorrow. Our teaching team strives for distinctive pedagogy that offers enterprise, innovation, and impact alongside academic excellence. Our business community knows: We are at the deep end of the talent pool.“
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christoph Teller
Programdirector and Head of the Institute of Retailing, Sales and Marketing

Recommended Study Plan

Subject ECTS Credits
General Management Competence 48
Interpersonal Skills and Intercultural Competence 6
Introduction to Digital Transformation and Technologies 6
Competence Area 25
Master's Thesis, Master's Thesis Seminar and Master's Thesis Colloquium 23
Electives 12


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Admission Requirements

In order to be admitted to the Master's degree program, you must fulfill the following requirements.

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Advanced Degree Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take courses in the JKU's Master's degree program in
Management while still completing my Bachelor's degree?

Yes, provided you are enrolled in the Bachelor's degree program 'Business & Economics' at the JKU. Once you have successfully completed 150 ECTS credits, you can log in to KUSSS to register for first semester courses listed under the section "Recommended Study Plan for the Master's Degree in Management".

How do I start my studies at the JKU?

 Click here for guidelines to learn about everything you need to know from registering online to paying tuition fees!

Can I complete the program on a part-time basis?

It basically depends on how long you want to take to complete the program and how flexible your employer is. We try to accommodate working students by offering many of the courses in a block format during the evenings and on weekends, making it easier for professionals who wish to earn a graduate degree while working.

Can I study a semester abroad as part of the
Master's degree program in Management?

Yes, you can. Please contact Mag. Manuela Sofia Breuer as quickly as possible. She will help you create a plan to complete all of the required classes, including courses taken during a semester abroad.

During my Bachelor's degree program, can I take and complete
courses in the Management graduate degree program?

As soon as you have successfully completed a minimum of 150 ECTS in the Bachelor's degree program in Business& Economics, you can take courses in the Master's degree program in Management before formally completing your Bachelor's degree. Please note that this regulation generally only covers courses offered during the first semester of the Master's degree program in Management in accordance with the recommended study plan. These courses are:

  • Creating Strategic Advantages
  • Marketing Management
  • Organization
  • Advances in Leadership, Human Resource Management, and Change
  • Introduction to Digital Transformation and Technologies

Which courses from the Master's degree program in General Management
can be transferred for academic credit to the Master's program in Management?

Click here to view a list of courses from the Master's degree program in General Management that will count toward the Master's degree program in Management: Equivalence List

Still Have Questions?

Do you need help registering or do you have questions about the program? Contact the JKU's Office of Student Information and Academic Advising (SIBS)!

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Responsible Management Lectures

Elke Schüßler participates in the "Responsible Management Lectures" organized by FH Wien.

Online -Zoom

Welcome Event for Economic and Business Analytics Students

Welcome to the winter semester 2020/21!


Online Workshop "Recent Advances in Mulit-Objective Optimization” 2020

You are cordially invited to join the 7th edition of the yearly RAMOO international workshop

ONLINE: Registration Required

Performance Workshop Enacting Innovation

JKU LIT @ Ars Electronica

Friday  the 11th & Saturday the 12th of September

Kepler Gardens, Learning Center, 3rd level

Master Seminar “Interdisciplinary Business Project”

June, 2020: Final Presentations


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Corona update on April 14th with financial economist Prof. Teo Cocca, marketing expert Prof. Christoph Teller and organizational researcher...

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