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The JKU offers a broad spectrum of studies in Social Sciences!

The world is constantly changing in terms of social aspects, technology, and business - and at a rate faster than we've ever seen before. As we continue to grow, technology is also making our world smaller. Throw in the way the government and society shape our lives and one question emerges above all others: How does all of this affect our co-existence? The JKU can deliver the answers.

Studies in Social Sciences are among the most popular degrees at the JKU. Our degree programs are highly regarded and considered an important driving influence, a fact that many companies in Austria and abroad appreciate.  The JKU cooperates with many renowned businesses and companies, meaning that students can already apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world business situations, giving them a competitive edge after graduation.

Are you interested in social issues? Then you've come to the right place! Together with degree programs in economics and business, studies at the JKU cover a wide range of issues in the fields of social sciences. Many students also take advantage our exciting, eye-opening international exchange programs, expanding their horizons and benefitting from new perspectives.

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„The degree program in Social Economics combines social studies with studies in socio-political topics, sociology, and business. This makes the program particularly interesting and opens the door to numerous career paths.“
Anna Wiespointner
Bachelor's Degree Program in Social Economics