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Linz Institute of Technology
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Linz Institute of Technology (LIT).

The Johannes Kepler University has always been known for more than just engineering and has a reputation for tradition, technological creativity and accomplishment.

The Linz Institute of Technology, or simply LIT for short, brings these ideals together, becoming the place where tradition meets the future. Researchers from different departments and across faculties in the field of technology and engineering can come together and connect here. Many internationally active companies are involved, providing their support as cooperation partners in order to drive research of tomorrow.

Teaching and research go hand-in-hand at LIT. JKU scientists conduct cutting-edge research and pass their expertise on to the next generation. Students "learn by doing" and are actively involved in conducting 'the research of tomorrow'. All subject areas and departments at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences work together here.

Linz Institute
of Technology

LIT Office


Altenberger Straße 69
A-4040 Linz, Austria




News 26.03.2024

The Start-Up Teams for the 2024 Danube Cup have been Selected: The Winners of the JKU Pre-Selection Process!

This year's pre-selection competition for the 2024 Danube Cup took place at the LIT Open Innovation Center on March 20, 2024. Four JKU start-up teams took part in order to qualify for the pitching competition in May. Under the direction of Univ. Prof. Dr. Elisabeth S.C. Berger, the pre-selection competition took place as part of the course, "Innovation & Entrepreneurship".

News 21.05.2024

JKU Best Practice Teaching Award for Thomas Gegenhuber and Laura Thäter.

The JKU annually awards the 'Kepler Awards for Excellence in Teaching' to recognize innovation in and implementation of excellent teaching. As part of this, Thomas Gegenhuber and Laura Thäter were honored with their course 'KS Fundamentals of Integrated Management' in the 'Best Practice' category.

Gegenhuber Thomas, Thäter Laura und Weibold Valentin freuen sich über die Auszeichnung des Kepler Awards.
News 08.05.2024

The AI Song at the Main Square Linz.

TUE May 21 to FRI May 31, 2024 at the PopUp Store of the Innovationshauptplatz Linz: Live music, workshops, talks and gatherings on the topic of artificial intelligence. Come along and join in!

Illustration einer Sprechblase mit dem Songtitel "A Liadl, ans üwa KI"
News 06.05.2024

“Bilateral AI”: Austrian Science Fund ‘Cluster of Excellence’ Funding for a JKU-Led Project

Funding of up to €70 million will be available to conduct base-knowledge research into artificial intelligence.


Event 20.03.2024

Info-Event: Special LIT Call Ars Electronica Festival

Get to know more abour the call!

Event 15.05.2024

The 2024 Danube Cup

Sign up now for the 2024 Danube Cup and be there when international start-up companies come together and compete for the coveted award!

Event 14.05.2024

Presentation "Digital Literacy for Stronger Democracies"

We are inundated with an overwhelming barrage of information, day in and day out. Fake news, conspiracy myths, the targeted dissemination of misinformation, and manipulating images make media literacy education more important than ever before. The ubiquity of media and technology demands more than just basic literacy skills.