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Looking to work up a sweat, fight, play, relax, dance, or be healthy:


Here you will find conventional or trendy classes, different types of conditioning courses, calming exercise classes - virtually everything to get you up and moving.

Join us: university and college students, employees, and alumni can sign up for classes. Non-university affiliated persons can take available open spots.

University Sports Institute

USI Office


Julius-Raabstr. 10
4040 Linz

Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 9.00 AM -12.00 PM
Monday: 2.00-4.00 PM


This is how it works:

USI Courses

Each semester, the USI offers approximately 150 courses. Click the course search to find individual classes in various categories as well as information such as where the class is held, duration, number of open spots available, fees, etc.:

Details about the individual courses and offers (practice site, duration, number, costs, etc.) can be found in the course search in the following categories:

  • Ball Sports
    Basketball, Football (Soccer), Volleyball, Badminton, Hockey, Tennis
  • Water Sports
    Swimming, Aquarobics, Paddeling, Diving
  • Martial Arts
    Taekwondo, Self-Defense, Aikido, Fencing
  • Climbing
  • Conditioning & Fitness
    General Fitness Training, Aerobics, Martial Arts Fitness, Zumba, Fit-Mix, Pilates, Back and Spinal Strengthening, Running
  • Sport Week, Camps & Workshops
  • Dance
    Latin American Dances, Salsa, Ballet, Belly-Dancing, Capoeira, Hip Hop, Jazz, Break Dancing, Standard Latin American Dancing for Adults
  • Additional Classes
    Qi Gong, Yoga, the Feldenkrais Method, Autogenic Training, Meditation, Juggling, Parcour

Click here for an overview of all available classes: USI Classes (PDF).

Sign Up

You will have to register when signing up for the first time. JKU employees are automatically registered. All others can register at the USI office at the same time as signing up for classes or beforehand via e-mail. Click here for additional information about signing up.


JKU Employees

JKU students and employees are automatically registered and will receive a password after entering a registration number here and sign up for USI classes online once the registration period starts (see: course registration).

Students and employees of the JKU are automatically registered and can enter the password here after entering the registration number and book USI courses from the start of the online registration (see course registration)

The registration numbers are as follows:

  • Students: Student ID Number (omit the "k")
    Note: The student ID number must be 8 digits! If you have an older student ID number, add a "0" in the front.
  • Employees: Austrian social insurance number (10 digits), or, if preferred, the first 4 letters of your last name and 6-digit date-of-birth.

Dates and Registration

Courses offered by the University SPORTS Institute at the JKU are generally open to all adults. First preference will be given to university-affiliated persons as follows:

Registration for

Winter Semester 2017/18 Summer Semester 2018

University-affiliated persons age 17+ (students and employees) at universities and universities of applied sciences

beg. Sept. 18, 2017 beg. Feb. 12, 2018

University alumni, and Matura class school students

beg. Sept. 25, 2017 beg. Feb. 19, 2018

Allocation of all available spots - open to all (must be of legal age)

beg. Oct. 2, 2017 beg. Feb. 26, 2018


You can pay the course fee either in cash at the USI office or online using a credit card or online banking services. Check the Info Box (upper right) for USI  office hours.


Additional Important Information:

  • Participants must register for courses before the course officially begins.  Class participation cards are non-transferable.
  • Some course instructors allow prospective participants to sit in on a class session before signing up for it. Please first consult with the course instructor on whether or not you may sit in on a class.
  • Participants have until October 20 (Winter Semester 2017/2018) or March 16, 2018 (Summer Semester 2018) to drop a class (in person or by phone).
  • If you choose to drop a course, the fee will not be refunded.

Schedule for USI Sports Classes

Here you can find information about when courses begin. Individual courses can start later or end sooner. Check the course search for a course's exact starting and end dates.

Winter Semester 2017/2018

Courses Start Monday, October 2, 2017
Courses End Wednesday, January 31, 2018


No classes will be held on the following days:

Thursday, November 2

All Soul's Day

Monday, December 18 to Sunday, January 7

Christmas Break


Summer Semester 2018

Courses Start

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Courses End

Friday, June 29, 2018


No classes will be held on the following days: 

Mon., March 26 to Sat., April 7

Easter Break

Fri., May 4

Patron Saint Day

Tues., May 22

Pentecost Break

Fri., June 1

Rector's Day


There are three prices for each course (tariff 1 / tariff 2 / tariff 3):

  Many Courses

More Time-Consuming Courses

Tariff 1 € 14 € 18
Tariff 2 € 21 € 27
Tariff 3 € 28 € 36

NOTE: Courses that have special conditions may cost more.

See below to find the price that applies to you:

Tariff 1:

  • Students from Austrian universities and universities of applied sciences under age 30,
  • Employees from the JKU or the Linz University of Art & Design under the age of 30,
  • Students in secondary-level Matura classes

Tariff 2:

  • Students from Austrian universities and universities of applied sciences age 30+
  • Employees from the JKU or the Linz University of Art & Design age 30+

Tariff 3:

  • Applies to everyone else (alumni,...)


The tariffs cover the course participation fee for the entire semester. The number of dates is limited for short courses.

Aside from short-session courses and blocked courses, a course generally consist of 10 sessions per semester, whereas some courses may be 15 sessions per semester. If participants drop out or withdraw from course sessions during this period, there is no aliquot refund of fees.  If the course is cancelled due to a low number of participants, fees will be refunded.

Course Locations

Close to the JKU Campus

  • School Sports Hall at the Auhof School Center (Bundesschulzentrums Auhof (BSZ), Aubrunnerweg 4
  • Sports Hall and Swimming Pool at the Int'l Student Center, Julius-Raab-Str. 10
  • USI Fitness Studio Raab and USI seminar rooms at the Int'l Student Center, Julius-Raab-Str. 10
  • Mirror Hall at the Int'l Student Center, Julius-Raab-Str. 10
  • Auhof Primary School, Aubrunnerweg 43
  • ADM Hall, Julius-Raab-Str. 6-8
  • Climbing Park Urfahr, Julius-Raab-Str. 5
  • Catholic Student Dormitory (KHG-Heim), Mengerstr. 23
  • Protestant Student Dorm (Evangelisches Studentenheim), Julius-Raab-Str. 1-3
  • ASKÖ Tennis Courts Linz-Auhof, Koglerweg 20
  • Katzbach Golf Center, Statznergutweg 16

In Urfahr

  • Linz Civic Center (Kundalini-Yoga, Yoga), Hauptstr. 1, Seminar Rm. 2
  • Community Center Ferdinand-Markl-Str. 4 (belly-dancing)
  • Community Center Harbach (QiGong, pilates), Im Bachlfeld 31a
  • Community Center Dornach (the Feldenkrais Method), Niedermayrweg 7
  • ASKÖ Sports Center (ABC), Hölderlinstr. 26 (beach volleyball)
  • HBLA Lentia (exercise classes, tae-kwon-do), Blütenstr. 24, rear entrance
  • Hillinger Senior Center (dancing for couples), Kaarstr. 15-17 (across from the Mühlkreisbahnhof)
  • Jahnschule (dance workout), Jahnstr. 7
  • Robinson School, Kaltenhauserstr. 2

Linz - City Center

  • BORG School (climbing, dance, exercise classes), Honauerstr. 24
  • Red Sparta (Flowing Sensation Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Yoga before the Weekend), Ludlgasse 19
  • 1st Linzer Ballet School (Yoga), Betlehemstr. 24
  • Community Center Franckviertel (dance for couples), Franckstr. 68
  • Otto Glöckel School (fencing hall), Wienerstr. 42
  • CrossFit-Studio, Friedhofstr. 4

Linz - South

  • Climbing Center (Kletterhalle) Linz / Auwiesen, Auwiesenstr. 202
  • Union FreeRunning Academy, Wieningerstr. 11


Participation in events and the use of USI facilities and equipment are generally subject to one’s own risk and by mutual agreement that the USI or the other facility owners are not liable in cases of accidents or theft.

We ask that course participants be aware of and participate within his/her own individual physical capacity. Before participating in general physical activity, we recommend consulting with your own physician or health care specialist and following his/her advice. Please be considerate towards others. Accidents will be considered as recreational accidents for which you will be solely responsible for.

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